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"You of all people should have known not to sell out the Empire on my watch."

“When the price of the mission got too high, I defined a new mission. Maybe I’m not the expert on integrity, but I’ve never lost sight of what’s worth fighting for, and that includes my friends. And the women I’ve loved.”

Character Info
Wynston resize.png
Name Wynston
Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) Ruth Means Compassion,

Lodestone AU

Game class(es) Imperial Agent
Species Chiss
Home Planet Rentor
Age at Game Start 25
Affiliation(s) the Empire,

the Operation,

Imperial Intelligence

The Profile section page contains no game spoilers. The Plot sections contain spoilers for the Imperial Agent and Sith Warrior line.


Wynston loves Big Brother. He was originally intended to be a soulless functionary, a fervently patriotic and rigidly disciplined drone in the Imperial system. He kept matters in order, said yes, sir, no, sir, and always got the job done with ruthless efficiency. For the Empire.

Then he realized that there’s already an NPC in SWTOR who does exactly that.

Since the author met Malavai Quinn, Wynston’s career took a turn for the chaotic good. He likes the potential of the Empire and works hard to protect its people, but these days ethics trump blind authority and, all other things being equal, Wynston will take his quality time at the cantina, not the triple-checking-paperwork console. Does he still get the job done? Oh, yes. If he’s satisfied that the job is truly serving the greater good. He’s picked up the matter-of-fact cynicism the Empire beats into its aliens - how could anyone not? - but he holds that awareness right alongside an idealism that keeps insisting he can (and should) make things better than they are. Arranging the win-win is what he’s best at; creatively arranging win-loses is an acceptable alternative.

Wynston stands about 5'7" tall, making him shorter than usual than the average human and tiny for a Chiss. He has a wiry build, red eyes, lightish blue skin, and dark blue hair. His body language morphs from identity to identity, to the point that he can claim either all mannerisms or no mannerisms as characteristic of him.


Pre-game timeline

Wynston was born into a poor family on the Chiss colony world of Rentor. From age seven to ten he worked in the aphosite mines there. When he was ten years old (equivalent to well into his teenage years) his family immigrated to the Empire. A year later he left his family including his sister Calline behind to go to Kaas City, where he took up training in Imperial Intelligence to become the operative he is today.

By age fifteen, at full Chiss maturity, Wynston had finished basic training and was getting experience in the field. He maintained a workmanlike but not awe-inspiring career: efficient where efficiency would do no harm to perceived innocents, merciless against those deemed both malicious and dangerous, endlessly inventive in minimizing damage while he worked for the Empire's good. He is compassionate when he's on the scene but notably disinclined to maintain lasting personal connections. Wynston was always most comfortable using social engineering to get results, as opposed to combat or stealth/tech solutions; he learned early on the advantages and limitations of being an alien in the Empire when dealing with his social superiors.

It was an unremarkable assignment on Hutta, a perversely fascinating woman named Kaliyo, and the attention of a Dark Council member that combined to accelerate his career far, far beyond what he ever expected to face.

When the game starts Wynston is twenty-five, soon to be twenty-six years old.

Wynston profile small.jpg

The following sections contain spoilers for Ruth Means Compassion.

Ruth Means Compassion

Wynston met Sith Warrior Ruth on Dromund Kaas; a chance meeting over a freelance job turned into a one-night stand. Both were surprised to encounter each other on Nar Shaddaa when Wynston was sent as an Intelligence liaison to assist Darth Baras's apprentice. They worked and slept together for about a week before going their separate ways.

They met again on Alderaan, where Wynston requested Ruth's help to break into House Cortess and confront its treacherous baroness. Ruth was critically injured during a fight with the Killiks there; Wynston had to move on, but called her later, just before he had to go alone into enemy territory, to tell her his real name and wish her luck.

When he found out about Darth Jadus's survival and ultimate plan he blocked the Sith's play with no uncertain rhetoric.

The next time Wynston and Rush met was on Quesh, where Wynston was desperately trying to undo the Castellan restraints. He did understand their necessity, and forgave Intellience for applying it, since it as the Minister's only way of saving him from the Dark Council's wrath. But the moment he got the chance he killed every Republic and neutral agent who had used him. Later on he dismantled the program itself.

He saw Ruth again on Voss and worked alongside her for a while. He refrained from commenting on her relationship with Quinn and she refrained from commenting on his relationship on Kaliyo.

Hunter's borderline sadism and abuse of authority earned one of Wynston's rare lasting personal grudges. The hunt drove Wynston through the heart of the Star Cabal - an organization he might have genuinely agreed with if it hadn't ended up so abusive - and ended with a summary execution. Wynston took the shreds of the Cabal's resources for his own, working with but not working under the best survivors of Imperial Intelligence.

Wynston's career has always been dedicated to the good of the Empire's people at the expense of anyone who tries to mess with them, up to and including the Empire's own leadership. In time he was forced to cut ties with the liability named Kaliyo - and was surprised to realize, even as he tried to gather the willpower to kill her, that he loved her.

He walked away anyway.

He made an effort to keep Ruth the Wrath on the right path, but her paranoia always held him at arm's length. Eventually she refused contact entirely. Wynston had other work to do. When he discovered the Emperor's plans to destroy all life in the galaxy, some fifteen years after the end of the class line, he teamed up with Jedi Knight Larr Gith and Lord Scourge to help. And when his mission clashed with Ruth's, he put forth the effort to bring her back to their side and back to the light.

Don't Call Them Ruth-less

Wynston has always hated Malavai Quinn, considering him a failure and a liability to their shared cause, the Empire. It wasn't until the events of RMC's Timeline 3 to change his mind. When he realizes that Quinn really had changed, and furthermore saw him in his first moments of bereavement, he relented some in his hatred. And so invited Quinn to join the Operation for a chance at continuing Ruth's work at the level she would have wanted. Quinn comes on board with Hazard, Pierce Junior, and other highly professional operatives.

Hijinks ensue.

Lodestone AU

The Lodestone AU posits that the Ruth!verse proceeded as normal until about July 5, 11 ATC, when Wynston, after a failed mission, called Ruth and, instead of going about his other cautious business when she rebuffed him, instead went straight to her.

It presupposes that Wynston is capable of one lasting attachment; the opportunity for that attachment to win out over his characteristic defensive caution was the moment Lodestone started.


Wynston’s written career spans from age 26 (about sixteen years after his immigration to the Empire) to age 45, and most of it has been written with respect to Sith Warrior Ruth, his on-again off-again friend/lover/colleague/alibi/surrogate family/hey, the man doesn’t keep many close friends, the ones he has tend to hold many functions.

Story listing: Wynston primer


Creator: bright_ephemera

Universes: Ruth!verse, Lodestone AU, Ruth-less

Older profile: Wynston