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"You know me. I don't forget."

This entry contains no game spoilers.

Character Info
Name Vierce Savins
Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) Vierce!verse,

Cross Faction AU

Game class(es) Trooper
Species Human
Home Planet Unknown
Age at Game Start 24
Affiliation(s) the Republic,

Havoc Squad,

Kegled resistance

Vierce Savins is the titular character of the Vierce!verse.

Vierce and his younger brother Kirsk grew up on the Imperial-occupied world of Kegled II. The planetary resistance, secretly supported by the Republic, continued well after the Republic/Empire war ended; four years before the game timeline starts, the Empire finally withdrew, leaving Vierce and a number of his resistance friends free to join the Republic Army.

Their father was killed by Imperial forces seventeen years before the game timeline starts, when Vierce was seven and Kirsk was five; Mama Savins still lives in their house in West Ford City.

Vierce, in contrast to Kirsk, is gruff, tenacious, conservative, earnest, realistic in planning, unstoppable in execution. He's cautious in some ways except when he's angry. Imps make him angry. He's a big guy, head and shoulders taller than many, with a face scarred on one side from burns sustained during a reckless charge during a resistance raid. He stays in touch with a number of his peers from his Ridgeside neighborhood; the notable lost one was Illyris, a much-loved girlfriend who was captured and killed in an Imperial sting. Vierce left Kegled II after its liberation to join several of his friends in signing on with the Republic to take the fight to the Empire. He was getting along fine with his concepts of justice, fairness, and killing all Imps, until General Garza dropped an Imperial defector on his ship.

In addition to his canon storyline he has an AU, Cross Faction, in which Imperial Agent Cipher Nine steps in with a trap for Elara Dorne in the middle of Vierce's Act 2 (and right after the end of Cipher Nine's Act 1).

Creator: bright_ephemera

Universes: Vierce!verse, Cross Faction AU


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