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This page contains no game spoilers.

The Vierce!verse is the bright_ephemera universe inhabited by Vierce and Kirsk Savins. It incorporates the planet of Kegled II, where Vierce and Kirsk grow up prior to Vierce's entry to the Republic Army and Kirsk's striking out as an independent privateer/Robin Hood/drain on his family's goodwill and resources.


From an older profile:

Vierce and Kirsk exist in a continuity that could plausibly be the Ruth!verse but is more likely standalone. They were latecomers to my fic scene; Kirsk was a random Smuggler reroll who never went very far, Vierce didn’t inspire any stories. Even if he had, I would’ve been uncomfortable writing a military story - I just don’t have sufficient knowledge of that world.

So imagine my surprise when an idle brainstorming session for a Short Fic Thread prompt brought up the notion of wholesome soldier boy Vierce calling his brother (huh, he has a brother? Who is already on my character roster?) Kirsk the out-of-storyline smuggler.

Vierce filled in rapidly and vividly. He and Kirsk together are mashups of things I’ve loved (and hated) about my brothers and the other boys I knew in my small hometown. There’s difficult harsh stuff and determined idealistic stuff and mundane silly stuff, approached with a basic tendency toward love and decency and other unfashionable things.

What really made the story gel was that I played Act 1 for Vierce very shortly after hitting certain Sith Warrior events for the first time on Ruth. When I met Elara Dorne…oh, stars. I hated her. I hated her Imp accent and her Imp background and her good Imp service and her dutiful Imp training in by-the-book Imperialness. The idea of [Flirt]ing with her made my skin crawl. I was such a bastard to her. As a gamer I’m usually one to butter up companions by any means necessary, but I had such a visceral reaction to having an Imperial officer forced onto my ship at that point in my career…wow. I was horrible. Sometimes I reminded myself to be fair, but half the time I didn’t bother.

With that in mind I placed Vierce as a resistance fighter, a survivor of an Imperial occupation on his homeworld. He hated Imps in game? He hated Imps in fic. That drove his narrative. Charming, flaky Kirsk dealt with the horrors of his upbringing by leaving his homeworld, disavowing politics and declining to take anything seriously; sober, tenacious Vierce maintained a hardworking devotion to the Republic and a very large helping of simmering anger.

Of course, I’m in love with Elara now. I do like romance plots with characters who qualify as good people. I’m in love with her, but Vierce isn’t there yet.

Vierce’s homeworld got populated with his peers, the Ridgeside core of West Ford City; most of them signed on with the Republic army along with Vierce once the Imps were driven off. Thus he has stories from about age 9 to age 24 (Kirsk’s 7 to 22), the beginning of the game timeline…after this his world is wide open.

Incidentally, my design choices had nothing to do with producing a body type 3 facially scarred Lieutenant Vierce to call my own. And the smuggler definitely wasn’t named as he was for such a silly reason as “Kirk” being taken and me wanting something close. Fun fact I learned about the sound Kirsk, though: ‘Kursk’ may be mostly recognizable to Americans as the name of the Russian nuclear sub that sank upon torpedo misfire in 2000 (ah, disastrous ship shenanigans), but it’s also the name of the city and Russian battle where the Nazi Blitzkreig was stopped in its tracks for the first time in WWII. While my Kirsk is more of a lover than a fighter, foiling the bad guys is something he’s always up for.


  • Minor characters (Dep, Eddy, Flash, Illyris, Lydian, Mama Savins, Rizz, Totten, Vrenda)

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  • Trooper: Vierce Savins