Vesania Serence

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Character Info
Vesania headshot 2 cropped.jpg
Name Vesania Serence
Author(s) Vesaniae
Universe(s) All Vesaniae Universes
Game class(es) Sith Inquisitor
Species Human
Home Planet Dromund Kaas
Age at Game Start 31
Affiliation(s) Sith Empire

Work in progress. Major spoilers for the Sith Inquisitor storyline.

Vesania Serence, better known as Darth Nox, is a Sith Lord operating in several of Vesaniae's universes. The oldest daughter of two Imperial Intelligence agents, she grew up hiding her Force-sensitivity. Following her mother's death, she joined Imperial Intelligence herself, where she served under the designation Cipher Thirteen for ten years. Despite her excellent record and many contributions to the Empire, with the increase of Darth Jadus' personal involvement in Intelligence operations, it was deemed too dangerous for a Force-sensitive agent to be operating within plain view of the Sith. She was lured into an ambush, captured, and sold into slavery. Four years later, the agriworld upon which she had been languishing was attacked by the Empire. Vesania revealed her Force-sensitivity to the Sith invaders, who had her shipped to Korriban for training.


Early Life

Vesania Serence was born in 21 BTC on Dromund Kaas, the oldest daughter of two Imperial Intelligence agents: Inarys Serence, aka Cipher Fourteen, and Alen Elysra, aka Cipher Eighteen. Her mother was very mildly Force-sensitive, and was able to spot her daughter’s strong affinity for the Force while she was still very young. As part of the secret line of descent from Lord Aloysius Kallig, Inarys knew how to alter her Force-signature to hide her sensitivity, and passed this knowledge on to Vesania.

Inarys could feel Vesania’s strength, and she believed that she was the long-awaited heir of Kallig who would restore the long-dead Sith Lord’s legacy to its former glory. She believed that it was important for her to choose her own path, rather than be indoctrinated by the Sith. With the ability to conceal her affinity for the Force, Vesania was able to grow up as a Force-blind, with none but her mother knowing about her power.

When Vesania was ten, her parents had another child, Clarielle. Unlike her sister, she was Force-blind. The relationship between Inarys and Alen had never been particularly stable, and about a year after Clarielle was born, it disintegrated entirely. Following a rather messy divorce, Alen embarked upon a long-term, deep cover mission into Republic space. He took his infant daughter with him, both for added sympathy and to protect her from his wife’s insanity. He was aware of Inarys’ mild Force-sensitivity, and was unnerved by her distrust of the Sith and her obsession with her ancestry.

Entering Intelligence

Vesania never saw her father again. Only a few years later, when she was fourteen, Inarys was killed during a mission. Intelligence informed Alen of his oldest daughter’s plight; he refused to abandon his mission or send any aid whatsoever.

It was then that Watcher Ninety, a colleague and long-time friend of Inarys, stepped in. She approached Vesania and offered her a place in the Intelligence training academy. Deciding that she had nothing left to lose, the fourteen year-old accepted.

Although she was considerably younger than the other candidates, Vesania managed to scrape through training, thanks to her natural shrewdness and careful application of her power. Some argued that she had to connive and seduce her way to a successful graduation; then again, that was what agents were supposed to do, anyway. Shortly before her eighteenth birthday, she was assigned the designation Cipher Thirteen.

Cipher Thirteen


It was then that a decade-long career of assassination began. Watcher Ninety, who had been keeping an eye on her protégé, became her handler. She discovered Vesania’s Force-sensitivity by carefully examining the data from the regular physical examinations that all Intelligence trainees underwent, and determining that she demonstrated reflexes well within Sith norms. Watcher Ninety falsified the records and informed Keeper of her findings. They decided to use the newly-christened Cipher Thirteen as a secret weapon.

Over the course of ten years, she killed many, many people whom Intelligence wanted dead. She was ruthless, efficient, and deadly. She was so effective, in fact, that Watcher Ninety and Keeper began to worry about what might happen if that weapon were ever turned against them. Personal Sith involvement in Intelligence affairs was rising sharply as Darth Jadus’ plans began to take shape. It was clear that Cipher Thirteen’s powers would not be able to remain secret for much longer.


Watcher Ninety arranged for Cipher Thirteen to embark on a mission to Nar Shaddaa. There, she was ambushed and incapacitated, then taken to a secret Intelligence facility. She was injected with SLV serum and programmed with a keyword, “scaenisium.” The keyword was used to wipe her memories of the experience, and she woke up in one of Nar Shaddaa’s slave pens.

Taking the name Kyalah Vern, she was sold and shipped off to work the fields on an Outer Rim agriworld. She languished there for four years, doing her best to keep her sanity, and plotting revenge. She had her chance when the Empire attacked the planet. After demonstrating her Force powers in front of a Sith, she was taken to Korriban with other Force sensitive slaves.

Personality and Traits

Powers and Abilities