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This page contains spoilers for Ruth Means Compassion. It contains no game spoilers.

Don't Call Them Ruth-less is a continuation of the Ruth Means Compassion storyline in the Ruth!verse.

After Ruth Niral's death and the salvation of the galaxy, Quinn finds his regular military job less than satisfying. Knowing no one else who would a) continue such high-impact work and b) understand Quinn's newfound mourning and air of noble tragedy, Quinn takes Wynston up on his pity offer of a job in the Operation Wynston has built over the years. Wynston and Quinn have always hated each other, but the loss of Ruth and the undeniable fact that both men more than demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice for the mission could be the basis for a grudgingly respectful relationship. Maybe. Wynston finds reason to regret the job offer within about two minutes of Quinn coming aboard the mothership Aegis but, the mission goes on...right?

They are joined by the newest Dawn Herald of the Oroboro nest, the Twi'lek Hazard, along with Pierce's long-hidden son, Pierce Junior (the spitting image of his father), and an angsty teenage Rylon Niral. Shenanigans are had by all.