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The Ruth!verse is bright_ephemera's largest fic verse. It centers on game characters Ruth Niral and Wynston with a number of supporting OCs. Their stories are told primarily in Ruth Means Compassion (RMC) and the later, goofier Don't Call Them Ruth-less. It contains extensive spoilers for the Sith Warrior, Jedi Knight, and Imperial Agent.


Colran Niral and Dolarra Reyne are the parents of Sith Warrior Ruth Niral. Colran's contacts in his youth include his father Darth Ehran Niral, the Mirialan Jedi Gend, the Mirialan Jedi Xar, and the Togrutan Jedi Master Zauvien. Ruth meets and allies briefly with Imperial Agent Wynston during their class line. After the class line ends Ruth has a son, Rylon Niral. Well after the end of the class line Ruth and Wynston encounter the Jedi Knight Larr Gith, the Twi'lek Joiner Hazard, and Pierce Junior.


RMC is structured into three timelines told in parallel. The surrounding universe has been fleshed out in individual fic prompt entries and the post-RMC Don't Call Them Ruth-less. The synopsis here was prompted by the Short Fic Challenge 'The Story So Far'.

Intro and Timeline 1

Sith Warrior spoilers are present after this point!

Colran Niral is a human Sith, the youngest of four sons in a conservative family on Dromund Kaas. He was sent to Korriban at age eight to train. A habitual questioner, he fled Korriban at age fifteen to reach neutral space, where he sought out the Jedi in an effort to see what non-Sith systems looked like and how they worked. His time with the Republic and the Jedi was highly instructive, but he could never settle certain questions of strength and victory that the Republic seemed unable to handle. When he was twenty-three he crossed paths with twenty-eight-year-old Dolarra Reyne, a human Imperial Intelligence agent who rapidly identified him as a target of opportunity. She tilted the balance of his doubts, and he returned to Dromund Kaas determined to implement the sanity and compassion of the Light Side within the Empire's theoretically excellent framework.

On Dromund Kaas he reestablished contact with Dolarra and, several years later, married her. As a Cipher Agent she spent most of their time in the field; they corresponded regularly, and she took some time at home to carry their daughter [Ruth Niral|Ruth] before going back to field work.

Dolarra was killed in the line of duty when Ruth was four years old. Colran raised Ruth as a Light Side Sith and defender of the best things about the Empire; while his talents ran toward Force work and healing, hers were more in the way of physical combat. When she was eighteen and still terribly idealistic he sent her to assist his old associate on Korriban, Overseer Tremel.

When the game starts, Ruth is eighteen and a half years old. Colran is forty-six. Dolarra would have been fifty-one.

Wynston is a Chiss, one of several children from a mining colony on the ice/ocean world of Rentor within the Chiss Ascendancy. When he was ten years old (about to hit the accelerated Chiss adolescence) his family moved to a world at the outskirts of the Empire. Before long, both fascinated by the Empire's concept of meritocracy and driven by a compulsive restlessness, Wynston left his family and went to Dromund Kaas to sign on for Imperial Intelligence. He was warned his idealistic desire to defend the Empire and its people would get him into trouble...well. He tried in spite of the warnings.

By age fifteen, at full Chiss maturity, Wynston had finished basic training and was getting experience in the field. He maintained a workmanlike but not awe-inspiring career: efficient where efficiency would do no harm to perceived innocents, merciless against those deemed both malicious and dangerous, endlessly inventive in minimizing damage while he worked for the Empire's good. He is compassionate when he's on the scene but notably disinclined to maintain lasting personal connections. Wynston was always most comfortable using social engineering to get results, as opposed to combat or stealth/tech solutions; he learned early on the advantages and limitations of being an alien in the Empire when dealing with his social superiors.

It was an unremarkable assignment on Hutta, a perversely fascinating woman named [Kaliyo Djannis|Kaliyo], and the attention of a Dark Council member that combined to accelerate his career far, far beyond what he ever expected to face.

When the game starts, Wynston is twenty-five, soon to be twenty-six years old.

Larr Gith is a human Jedi, a prodigy who was told from a very young age that she was incredibly powerful and special and wonderful. It went to her head. Her incomparably lovely blonde head. I have written nothing for her from this time period because she was an insufferable brat.

When the game starts, Larr Gith is fifteen and a half years old.

Ruth follows a largely LS path through the game plotline (timeline 1 of RMC). Any potential that might have stemmed from a couple of early one-night stands with Wynston was cut short when Ruth fell hard for Malavai Quinn (a guy who shared mutual antipathy with Wynston since the moment they met). Ruth remains LS until the murder of her father Colran by Darth Baras's agents and, mere hours later, the Quinncident (the beginning of timeline 2 of RMC). A hurt and very recently pregnant Ruth can't bring herself to kill Quinn; instead, after taking out her newfound rage on Corellia and Baras, she kicks him out and takes up her responsibilities as a lawful Wrath.

Wynston, having maintained occasional friendly contact with Ruth even after they discontinued physical involvement, works for the good of the Empire's people at the expense of anyone who tries to mess with them, up to and including the Empire's own leadership. He blocks Darth Jadus's play with no uncertain rhetoric, cuts the liability named Kaliyo loose in spite of his own affection for her, and ultimately reaches an understanding with the Minister of Intelligence, promising to make the improvements that the Minister never had the power to change. While Wynston understands the hard necessity of the Castellan restraints, especially the fact that this was the Minister's only way of saving him from the Dark Council's wrath, he killed almost every Republic and neutral figure who had anything to do with the production or use of the serum, and he dismantles the program at home the moment he has the resources to do so.

Hunter's borderline sadism and abuse of authority earns one of Wynston's rare lasting personal grudges. The hunt drives Wynston through the heart of the Star Cabal - an organization he might have genuinely agreed with if it hadn't ended up so abusive - and ends with a summary execution. Wynston takes the shreds of the Cabal's resources for his own.

Larr Gith works slowly through the Jedi Knight plotline. Doc's romance is creepy at this age but neither participant really cares. Larr Gith saves the galaxy from the evil Emperor because she is the super special chosen one and that's what she does. It goes to her head.

When the game timeline ends, Ruth is 20. Wynston is 27. Rylon is still in utero. Larr Gith is 17.

Timeline 2 and 2.5

While the Wrath still professes the ideals of protection and order, she slowly becomes more and more willing to use dark methods for it. Her son, the bitterly named Rylon, grows up seeing Quinn on occasional supervised but not-near-Ruth visits; he learns fighting and Force control, but not much else, from his paranoid and conflicted mother.

Wynston vanishes using the Black Codex at the end of his class line and, over the years, develops toward defending the galactic population at large. He builds an extensive shadow organization of his own, backed by Vector (until the Joiner's death a few years in) and Temple. When the Tenebrous is destroyed Wynston transfers his operation to the battleship Aegis. He maintains occasional contact with Ruth for a few years, but she is no longer in the habit of trusting friends and over time she stops agreeing to do professional favors. By the way, his second personal grudge* is that guy who crushed Ruth's trust beyond repair.

Larr Gith spends some time partying hard, soaking up adulation with Doc at her side. She makes a brief attempt to demand a place on the Jedi Council; that, plus a few public indiscretions, prompt the Council to order her to surrender her title and make herself scarce. Doc stays with her for another few years as they live a life of minor heroism and major indulgence; eventually her arrogance manages to alienate even him and they part ways.

So it continues for a while. When the terms change again, Ruth is 35. Wynston is 42. Rylon is 14. Larr Gith is 32.

It is fifteen years between when Ruth kicks Quinn out and when a failure in scheduling puts the two in the same room again (timeline 2.5 of RMC). Upon facing him she finds she's willing to consider reconciliation. Somewhere around this time Rylon is sent to Korriban, an exile he resents. Ruth goes about trying to set her personal life in order, with Quinn in it.

But she remains a neutral-at-best Wrath: perhaps a little warmer, but not particularly Light. And her orders still come from the Emperor.

Jedi Knight, Sith Warrior, and Ruth Means Compassion ending spoilers are present after this point!

Timeline 3

Some sixteen and a half years after the class lines end, the Emperor's activities bring Ruth and Wynston into conflict (timeline 3 of RMC). Larr Gith, spoiled brat that she is, is recruited to help set things right; for the fight against the Emperor the heroes going to need all the power they can get.

At the end of RMC, Ruth is 37. Wynston is 44. Rylon is 16. Larr Gith is 34.


In RMC the full alliance of Ruth, Wynston, and Larr Gith, with the assistance of multiple companions, succeeds in subduing the Emperor and trapping his remnants in a Rakatan mind trap. Quinn had to incapacitate a mind-controlled Rylon during the fight; Ruth snapped at the sight of him harming their son, and when she burned herself out to overpower the Emperor it was in a blaze of DS rage.

After Ruth's death and the salvation of the galaxy, Quinn finds his regular military job less than satisfying. Knowing no one else who would a) continue such high-impact work and b) understand Quinn's newfound mourning and air of noble tragedy*, Quinn takes Wynston up on his pity offer of a job in the Organization Wynston has built over the years. Wynston and Quinn have always hated each other, but the loss of Ruth and the undeniable fact that both men more than demonstrated their willingness to sacrifice for the mission could be the basis for a grudgingly respectful relationship. Maybe. Wynston finds reason to regret the job offer within about two minutes of Quinn coming aboard the mothership Aegis but, the mission goes on...right?

They are joined by the newest Dawn Herald of the Oroboro nest, the Twi'lek Hazard, along with Pierce's long-hidden son, Pierce Junior (the spitting image of his father), and an angsty teenage Rylon. Shenanigans are had by all.

Master Timeline


  • 42 BTC: Dolarra Reyne is born.
  • 37 BTC: Colran Niral is born.
  • 29 BTC: Colran Niral is sent to join his brothers at Korriban Academy.
  • 22 BTC: Colran Niral flees Korriban for neutral space. Master Zauvien takes him in on Nar Shaddaa.
  • 14 BTC: Colran meets Dolarra. Shortly thereafter, Colran leaves Duro to return to Dromund Kaas. Colran's father Darth Ehran, along with Colran's three brothers, are killed in a competing Sith's power play.
  • 19 BTC: Quinn is born (March 15).
  • 17 BTC: Wynston is born (June 30).
  • 9 BTC: Ruth Niral is born (May 1).
  • 7 BTC: Wynston's family leaves Rentor for Atalan VII.
  • 6 BTC: Wynston leaves Atalan VII for Dromund Kaas, leaving his family behind. He enrolls in training for Imperial Intelligence.
  • 5 BTC: Dolarra dies. Quinn, in the accelerated program that produced him, begins officer training. Larr Gith is born.
  • 2 BTC: Wynston begins Intelligence field work.
  • 1 BTC: The Battle of Druckenwell sees Quinn's career blighted.
  • 0 ATC: The Sacking of Coruscant, followed by the Treaty of Coruscant.
  • 9 ATC: Ruth is sent to Korriban Academy.
  • 10 ATC: Wynston is sent to Hutta for a special mission. Shortly thereafter he goes to Dromund Kaas, where he mees Ruth. RMC Timeline 1 kicks off.
  • 11 ATC: Wynston and Ruth finish their respective class lines. Lodestone AU splits off. RMC Timeline 2 kicks off.
  • 12 ATC: Rylon Niral is born (March 2). (Lodestone: Colrand Niral is born, March 2)
  • 26 ATC: Ruth encounters Quinn again. RMC Timeline 2.5 kicks off.
  • 28 ATC: Ruth encounters Wynston again. RMC Timeline 3 happens.

Class IDs