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This universe has extensive spoilers for the Jedi Knight and Sith Warrior storylines with some references to characters from the Imperial Agent storyline.


Remi the Grey is the story of the Jedi Knight from the canon story line after the events of chapter 3.



Remi the Grey Part 1

After the events of Chapter 3 of the Jedi Knight storyline, Jedi Knight Remi finds herself at odds with the Council over their methods and their assignments. The conflict intensifies when the Council, having decided the Sith Emperor is dead, decides to banish Lord Scourge from Republic space. In protest Remi gives up her use of the Force and leaves the Jedi Order.

For years Remi works independently for the SIS as a bounty hunter known as Hunter Grey until rumors of the Sith Emperor begin to surface. Remi joins forces with her old team to defeat the Emperor once and for all.

Lord Scourge and Remi love somewhere in there.

Remi the Grey Part 2

After defeating the Emperor (again) Remi, driven insane by the side-effects of fighting the Emperor, returned to the Jedi Order to heal. Separated from Lord Scourge neither of them realized that she was pregnant with their child. She discovers her son two years after his birth when he is kidnapped from Tython during an attack.

She picks up her lightsaber again and reunites with Lord Scourge to get their son back and foil the ritual for which he was stolen.

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