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The Quinncident is the most controversial event of the Sith Warrior line.

Full Transcript


QUINN: My lord, I regret that our paths must diverge. Out of respect, I wanted to be here to witness your fate.


   1. (What do you mean?) What fate, Quinn? What are you talking about? --go to C--
   2. (This sounds bad.) I've got a bad feeling about this.
   QUINN: Your senses have always been keen. --go to C--
   3 non-romance. (You're always so dramatic.) That's what I like about you, Quinn - your flair for the theatrical.
   QUINN: It's true. I have set this stage, my lord. --go to C--
   3a romance. (Are you breaking up with me?) Have you found someone else? If you say 'it's not me, it's you,' I won't be responsible for my actions.
   QUINN: It's not me or you. It's Darth Baras. I owe him more than you could imagine. --go to C--


QUINN: My lord, I could not leave you to this fate without showing the respect of being here to witness it.


   1. (What do you mean?) What fate, Quinn? What are you talking about? --go to C--
   2. (What are you doing here?) Get back to the ship, captain. I didn't say you could disembark.
   QUINN: I regret that I have been disobeying many of your orders of late, my lord. --go to C--
   3 non-romance. (You're always welcome.) [incomplete] --go to C--
   3a romance. ([Flirt] Did you get lonely?) You just can’t stand to be away from me, can you, dear?
   QUINN: I have enjoyed your company and companionship, my lord. That’s why this is so hard. --go to C--

C. QUINN: It pains me, but this entire scenario is a ruse. There's no martial law and no special signal emitter. Baras is my true master. He had me lure you here to have you killed.


   1 non-romance. (How could you?) This is the worst betrayal possible.
   QUINN: I act today with a heavy heart. Baras has always been the anchor of my career and, in my opinion, of the Empire. --go to D--
   1a romance. (Our romance dies in flames.) And here I thought you loved me. --go to D--
   2 non-romance. (Don't be rash.) Think this through, Quinn, before it goes too far.
   QUINN: You know me. I never act without consideration. Baras saved my career, and he'll save the Empire. --go to D--
   2a romance, may trigger on any female Warrior. (Don't I mean anything to you?) I thought our relationship was real. I thought we cared about each other. --go to D--
   3 non-romance. (Then you deserve death.) If you are allied with that fool, you will receive no mercy from me.
   QUINN: I arrived at this moment after much deliberation. Baras has always been the anchor of my career and, in my opinion, of the Empire. --go to D--
   3a romance. (I've fought for you!) After all we've been through together? I even helped you take out Moff Broysc.
   QUINN: You've helped me immensely. I act today with a heavy heart. But without Baras, I'd have no career. --go to D--

D. QUINN: I didn't want to choose between the two of you. But he's forced my hand, and I must side with him. --go to E, F, G, H, I, or J depending on your active companion--


QUINN: Once you're gone, your crew will either join Baras with me or be killed. --go to L--


VETTE: Wow, Captain Boredom makes a wake-up call. Did not see this coming.


   1. (Reserve the chatter.) Keep quiet, Vette, and ready yourself for the fight.
   2. (Nor I.) He fooled us both, all this time. (+15 affection)
   QUINN: It hasn't been easy keeping the truth hidden.
   3. (Quinn's just confused.) Don't worry, he'll realize he's making a big mistake.

QUINN: Vette, ever since my lord removed your shock collar, you have been an insufferable pain.

VETTE: You know what? I say we kill this Imperial punk.

QUINN: Charming to the last. No more time to waste. It's my extreme pleasure to take you out of the equation. --go to K--


DS JAESA: This kind of intrigue makes my spine tingle. I'd love to kill a traitor.

QUINN: Jaesa, you have no idea how long I've held my breath hoping you wouldn't use your power on me. Baras specifically expressed that I should extend his welcoming hand to you. Join us. (Note: 'Join us' may be the sexiest thing that voice has ever expressed. Go figure.)

DS JAESA: Are you kidding me? I may sense nothing but confidence in you, but...haha.

QUINN: Your powers will be a great benefit when Baras has turned you to him, Jaesa. For now, I can't have you disrupting my calculations. --Go to K--


[incomplete; go to K]


PIERCE: Knew there was a reason I wanted to put a gun to his head the minute I met him.


   1. (Your wish is coming true.) You’re about to get your chance. (+109)
   2. (Steady, Lieutenant.) Let’s hear the man out, but be ready. (-2)
   3. (Quinn is not the enemy.) The captain will realize he’s making an incredible mistake.

QUINN: Pierce, Baras asked me if you’d be a valuable asset. I told him you were physically capable, but not worth the trouble. Sorry. PIERCE: Ha. You think I’d join you and some cowardly puppeteer? You guys are going nowhere. QUINN: Charming to the last. No more time to waste. It’s my extreme pleasure to take you out of the equation. --go to K--


BROONMARK: More betrayal! We must cleanse the clan!


   1. (Ready yourself.) Sharpen your claws, Broonmark. You're about to get them bloody. (+149)
   2. (Patience.) Hold still, Broonmark. We won't attack hastily. (-111)
   3. (A never-ending demand.) Yes, it seems there is always more cleansing to be done.

QUINN: Broonmark, Darth Baras has no quarrel with you. Join me, and he will welcome you to the fold.

BROONMARK: You insult us. We never betray. Our pledge is complete. Our pledge is always.

QUINN: 'Always' is about to become a very short amount of time. Sorry, Broonmark, but I can't have you disrupting my calculations. --go to K--

K. Quinn incapacitates the companion.

QUINN: Baras and I have been planning this for some time. You'll have to face this fight alone, my lord. –go to L--


   1. (Baras is only out for himself.) Your master will run the Empire right into the ground.
   QUINN: Baras has always been one step ahead of every enemy. He will lead us to victory. --go to M--
   2. (Baras defies the Emperor.) You know who I'm working for now, Captain. If you stand with Baras, you stand against the Emperor himself.
   QUINN: The Emperor is an absentee landlord. Baras is doing what any real patriot would do. --go to M--
   3. (You're a fool, Quinn.) I really thought you were smarter than this.
   QUINN: I'll show you how smart I am. --go to M--

M. QUINN: After all this time observing you in battle, I have exhaustively noted your strengths and weaknesses. These war droids have been programmed specifically to combat you. I calculate a near zero percent chance of their failure. (DIALOGUE 5)

   1. (Stats are unreliable.) Your confidence in the odds is your biggest weakness.
   QUINN: If anything, I'm underestimating my droids' chances. You'll find they are virtually immune to you. --go to N--
   2. (Shut up. [Attack]) You always did talk too much. (I LOVE how the male Warrior says this) --go to N--
   3. (Then I'm in trouble.) [incomplete] --go to N--

N. QUINN: I'm sorry it's come to this, my lord.

(combat starts)


QUINN: I should have known. I thought I'd programmed the perfect killing machine for you. I was painstakingly precise.


   1. (I cannot be killed.) After all our time together, have you not realized that I am unbeatable? (+15 if Vette is present)
   QUINN: I am at a loss. --go to P--
   2. (You're a failure.) This proves you are inept. I’m better off without someone who makes such a mistake. (+40 if Pierce is present)
   QUINN: Perhaps you’re right. --go to P--
   3. (Don't be so hard on yourself.) Your droids pushed me. It was a valiant attempt.
   QUINN: That's little consolation. --go to P--

P. QUINN: I have betrayed you. Conspired with your most hated enemy. I know it is meaningless to express my deep regret. I don't expect your mercy.


   1. (You'll live...barely. [Choke him]) It's useless to defy me. (+100 DS points, deeply satisfying cutscene) I will keep you alive. And we will see if you earn my trust again.
   QUINN: My lord, I'm...this is unexpected. Darth Baras would never forgive such a failure. --go to Q--
   2. (You're useful to me.) I will keep you alive. And we will see if you earn my trust again. (No cutscene action)
   QUINN: My lord, I'm...this is unexpected. Darth Baras would never forgive such a failure. --go to Q--
   3. (I can be merciful.) I understand your confusion. Baras can be very persuasive. I forgive you, Quinn. (+150 LS points)
   QUINN: My lord, I am deeply grateful. Darth Baras would never afford the same forgiveness.
   VETTE, if present: Quinn, your luck never seems to run out. --go to Q--

Q. QUINN: If you will permit me to stay in your charge, my dedication to you will never come into question again. (DIALOGUE 8)

   1 non-romance. (We'll see.) I'll be keeping an eye on you just the same.
   QUINN: Of course, my lord. --go to R--
   1a romance. (We'll see.) Trust is difficult to rebuild, Quinn. But I'm willing to try.
   QUINN: I'll understand if things are different for a while. --go to R--
   2 non-romance. (I know.) The slate is clean, Quinn. --go to R--
   2a romance. (We are breaking up.) You can rejoin the crew, but you are no longer welcome in my quarters.
   QUINN: My actions have cost me dearly, then. --go to R--
   3 non-romance. (Be sure that is the case.) I will not hesitate to destroy you the next time.
   QUINN: There will be no next time, I swear. --go to R--
   3a romance. ([Flirt] All is forgiven.) You'll just have to make this up to me in private, Captain.
   QUINN: That can be arranged, my lord. --go to R--

R. QUINN: This interruption has delayed you enough. I'm eager to return to the ship and put this behind us.

WARRIOR: The ship is through there. Prepare for departure. I'll join you shortly.

VETTE, if present: Whatever you say.

BROONMARK, if present: We comply.

PIERCE, if present: Let's go, Quinn.

DS JAESA, if present: You heard the master, Quinn.

LS JAESA, if present: [incomplete]

QUINN: Of course, my lord. One thing, my lord - do you plan on telling the others what happened?


   1. (You'd be undermined.) No one else must know. It would compromise your ability to lead. Am I understood?
   BROONMARK, if present: You are our leader. --go to S--
   PIERCE, if present: Noted. --go to S--
   VETTE, DS JAESA, LS JAESA: [incomplete] --go to S--
   2. (They will be told sometime.) When it's appropriate, I will inform them. --go to S--
   3. (Your secret's safe with me(us if companion is present).) Don't worry. This will just be between the two(three) of us. Understood?
   VETTE, if present: I know Basic. --skip S; end of scene--

S. QUINN: I appreciate it, my lord. I will see you back at the ship. [end of scene]