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Character Info
Name Niselle
Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) No Death, Only Wrath
Game class(es) Sith Inquisitor
Species Sith Pureblood
Home Planet Unknown
Age at Game Start 25
Affiliation(s) the Empire,

the Sith, the Dark Council

This page contains no game spoilers.


Niselle is the Sith Inquisitor of the NDOW!verse. She was just a proud jerk to start with. As the Inquisitor storyline developed into an epic tale of eating energy fields bigger than your head and executing other similarly poorly-thought-out plans, she went full ludicrous Dark Side and just embraced the story as a lightning-tastic comedy.

When Nalenne came along, she seemed a natural fit as an evil twin.

And so Nis joined Nalenne’s continuity. Bratty, scheming, full of malice and sisterly rivalry, Nis tries to meddle in Nalenne’s love life, tries to meddle in Nalenne’s life signs, and generally makes an unholy nuisance of herself. She loves Khem Val and Xalek, mostly ignores Ashara, has an embarrassingly soft spot for Talos, and very much enjoys Andronikos in a noncommittal way.


Author: bright_ephemera

Universe: NDOW!verse

Old profile: Niselle