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"If you were counting on my mercy, why the blazes did you spring that when you knew I was having such a crappy day? Honestly, am I the kind of woman who could hold my temper through such an unholy heap of annoyances just because amor’s supposed to vincit omnia?"

This entry contains spoilers for the Sith Warrior storyline.

Character Info
Name Nalenne
Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) No Death, Only Wrath
Game class(es) Sith Warrior
Species Sith Pureblood
Home Planet Unknown
Age at Game Start 25
Affiliation(s) the Empire,

the Sith,

Insanity Company

Nalenne is the star of the There Is No Death, There Is Only Wrath (shortened NDOW, for No Death, Only Wrath) universe.

Nalenne was created from a combination of author bright_ephemera's enthusiasm for the Doozzer's amazing Thursday Morning Wrath and bright's desire to see Quinn dead. Even if he is somehow still standing on the bridge afterward.

Nalenne is a selfish bundle of evil, of comic book fandom, and of being nice to her friends: Vette, who still has the slave collar on but only because Nalenne lost the remote; Quinn, who got murdered hard at the appropriate plot point, and whose ghostly return prompted the fic; Jaesa, whose LS nature is a point of confusion and distress to almost everyone on board, and whose very personality trips many characters’ gaydars; Pierce, who would be Nalenne’s soul mate if they hadn’t unconsciously friendzoned each other within two seconds of meeting; and Broonmark, whose friendly support, patient Talz lessons, and extensive biomedical knowledge make him a truly indispensable member of the crew.

Nalenne has a twin sister, Sith Inquisitor Niselle, who regularly shows up to make trouble. Her other contacts in the NDOW!verse include the more fuzzily canonical Jedi Knight Rho, Imperial Agent Dahlia, and Nic.

Nalenne2 resize.png

In the Helicarrier Chronicles, which continue Nalenne's story, she ultimately teams up with Insanity Company, an elite cadre of Imperial officers skimmed from the best and the most feverishly dedicated of the game’s NPCs: Lieutenant Rutau, Captain Pandorr, Sergeant Ritter, Colonel Hareth, and Ensign Durmat Rylon.


Creator: bright_ephemera

Universes: NDOW!verse

Old profile: Nalenne