Malavai Quinn

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Companion Info
Name Malavai Quinn
Rank Captain
Companion for Sith Warrior
Party Role Medic
Species Human
Recruitment planet Balmorra
Book of Lies Age 37

Malavai Quinn is a galaxy-class dick.

He is also a canon character. See his wikia entry here: [1]

This page contains spoilers for the Sith Warrior storyline.


Quinn Codex.png

Individual authors




Quinn died.


Quinn developed an Air of Noble Tragedy (TM).

Quinn was courted in a curiously respectful-of-personal-space way by Sith Warrior Ruth. When he finally gave in to her advances, or rather the empty space where she had said his advances would be welcome, their courtship was brief and intense. They married on Voss. After the Quinncident she bitterly dissolved their marriage and spiraled into a paranoid well from which she did not return for a very, very long time.

Ruth allowed him to re-enter the military. She permitted him to visit their son, Rylon, on occasion, but made sure to leave a supervisor and then get out of town when he was visiting.

Meanwhile, ever since their meeting during game-time Nar Shaddaa, Quinn developed and maintained a bitter antagonism with fellow servant of the empire Wynston. Although they were both passionate in their defense of Imperial goals, they hated each other. Their dynamic stemmed from two things: Wynston had to believe he was better that emotionaless automaton, and Quinn had to believe he was better than that undisciplined alien.

Notable quote: “Did you come here to make me feel guilty? Tell me you’ve never wrecked someone’s life in pursuit of our Empire’s mission. Tell me, agent, you’ve never killed someone who cared for you. Tell me you’ve never broken trust. Tell me you’ve never had to look at a woman and choose whether to break her heart or her neck first.” He laid a hand on the blaster at his side. “Tell me you’re better than I am, so I can report that you died as you lived: with a lie on your lips.”



Quinn also died! What a coincidence.