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Welcome to the SWTOR Roomverse!

This is a wiki for information and lore about the SWTOR fanfic of the Roomverse.

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Community Guidelines

  • Please only add information on your own universes, or game canon.
  • Please indicate what material is game canon, preferably with references.
  • Please indicate on all pages what author and what universe/continuity the subject is in. For characters across multiple universes, including canon NPCs, please list all applicable universes, putting canon first. A formatted example is Malavai Quinn.
  • Please indicate at the top of any page with spoilers what kind (class and class story act) of spoilers are present.

Example spoiler marks:

    • This entry contains no spoilers.
    • This entry contains spoilers for the Bounty Hunter line.
    • The 'Background' section of this entry contains spoilers for Act 2 of the Imperial Agent line.
  • The wiki isn't for publishing stories; all stories should be posted elsewhere and only linked to here.

Getting started

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