List of minor Vierce!verse characters

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Major characters: Vierce, Kirsk


Dep is a member of the Ridgeside core. A little above average height, well-built, olive-skinned, with features fit for a romance novel cover, Dep banks on his looks quite a lot.


Eddy is the youngest of the Ridgeside core. Short, plump, with strawberry-blonde curls and blue eyes, she is an energetic ball of cute and she knows it. She is a native of West Ford City and departed with the core members who signed on with the Republic army after the occupation ended.




Mama Savins

Mama Savins is the mother of Vierce and Kirsk Savins. She is a lifelong resident of West Ford City on Kegled II. She was widowed during the Imperial occupation of the planet.

the Ridgeside core

The Ridgeside Core was Vierce's neighborhood crew growing up, consisting of Lydian, Eddy, Vrenda, Dep, Vierce, Rizz, Totten, and, around the edges, Kirsk; Illyris and Flash were out-of-towners who joined the core later on.


Rizz is the eldest of the "Ridgeside core," Vierce's neighborhood crew growing up. Rizz is thin, saturnine, taciturn, smart but seldom inclined to apply himself.