List of minor NDOW characters

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Major character links

Nalenne, Niselle


Dahlia is a Chaotic Evil Imperial Agent. She loves her messy job. She loves making her job messy. She and Nalenne are good friends.


Nic is a chaotic neutral, money-grubbing Smuggler. She has goofy stories within the NDOW!verse, but also has some relatively serious stories that don't quite fit in NDOW.


Rho is the most virtuous Jedi Knight of them all. Kira totally has the hots for him. Rho exists both as comedy in the Nalenne!verse and as a slightly more serious guy in some standalone stories.

Servant Nine

Servant Nine is a sorcerer cultist of the Emperor's Hand. Tall, slim, with refined Sith Pureblood features and thick dark hair almost to his shoulders, he's kind of an egomaniac jerk.