Larr Gith

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This page will contain spoilers for the Jedi Knight.

Character Info
Name Larr Gith
Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) Ruth Means Compassion,

Lodestone AU

Game class(es) Jedi Knight
Species Human
Home Planet Unknown
Age at Game Start 15
Affiliation(s) the Jedi,

the Republic,

the Operation

Larr Gith is a human Jedi, a prodigy who was told from a very young age that she was incredibly powerful and special and wonderful. It went to her incomparably lovely head.

When the game starts, Larr Gith is fifteen and a half years old.

After about two years, Larr Gith saves the galaxy and then spends some time partying hard, soaking up adulation with Doc at her side. She makes a brief attempt to demand a place on the Jedi Council; that, plus a few public indiscretions, prompt the Council to order her to surrender her title and make herself scarce. Doc stays with her for another few years as they live a life of minor heroism and major indulgence; eventually her arrogance manages to alienate even him and they part ways.

So it continues for a while. When the terms change again, Larr Gith is 32. She is recruited by Lord Scourge for one more quest. In the process she falls in with Wynston and is made to work with Ruth Niral.