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"Any time, big brother. ...Assuming I'm not in some kind of showstopping bind at the time you happen to call. I'm pretty sure that won't happen in the next week, though. Almost sure."

This entry contains no game spoilers.

Character Info
Name Kirsk Savins,

alias Kirsk Volheis

Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) Vierce!verse,

Cross Faction AU

Game class(es) None
Species Cyborg/Human
Home Planet Kegled II
Age at Game Start 22
Affiliation(s) the Republic,

Kegled Resistance

Kirsk Savins is a non-game-plot smuggler and is the brother of the titular character of the Vierce!verse.

Kirsk and his older brother Vierce grew up on the Imperial-occupied world of Kegled II. The planetary resistance, secretly supported by the Republic, continued well after the Republic/Empire war ended; four years before the game timeline starts, the Empire finally withdrew.

Kirsk left Kegled II for the first time when he was sixteen, two years before the end of the occupation. He is a slicer, sneak, sometime thief, well-meaning con man, and, in general, a clumsy but very friendly Robin Hood type.

Kirsk, in contrast with his brother, is charming, flaky, outgoing, mischievous, impulsive, poor at planning, questionable at execution. The job of smuggler appeals to him, especially the part about being able to take his own ship and disappear whenever he feels like it. A cyborg and an accomplished slicer, Kirsk avoided the heavy combat of the resistance movement. He copes with the darkness of his upbringing by...not, mostly. Irrepressible creature that he is, he just keeps moving: there's too much to do and see and have fun with.

Kirsk only appears in relation to Vierce in fic; in addition to Vierce's canon he figures into an AU, Cross Faction AU, in which Imperial Agent Cipher Nine steps in with a trap for Elara Dorne in the middle of Vierce's Act 2 (and right after the end of Cipher Nine's Act 1).


Creator: bright_ephemera

Universes: Vierce!verse, Cross Faction AU


Older profile: Kirsk