Kaliyo Djannis

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Kaliyo Djannis is a canon character. See her wikia entry here: [1]

Companion Info
Name Kaliyo Djannis
Rank Unknown
Companion for Imperial Agent
Party Role Ranged tank (Aim)
Species Rattataki
Recruitment planet Hutta
Book of Lies Age 29 (est.)

Individual authors


Kaliyo is the devil on Wynston's shoulder and, for all that he thinks he's in control of it, he loves the unbalancing she does.


Kaliyo plays a minor role in the second arc of Afterimages, assisting Thaera and Quinn in infiltrating Necrosion's estate. She later appears in a brief scene where she kills Vette under Thaera's orders. Following Thaera's betrayal of Jadus and subsequent flight from Dromund Kaas, Kaliyo was executed by the Sith Lord along with the rest of Thaera's crew that had been left behind.