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This alternate Vierce universe has extensive spoilers for the Trooper and the Imperial Agent storylines.


Cross Faction is predicated on the idea that Cipher Nine conducted an operation to frame Sergeant Elara Dorne for treason.



A What If? entry on the Short Fic challenge thread posited that Havoc Squad went for resupply on Nar Shaddaa during Vierce's Act 2 Balmorra mission. While there they were entrapped in an Imperial Intelligence scheme, spearheaded by the Empire's Cipher Nine, to frame Elara Dorne for selling Republic secrets to the Imps. Vierce Savins, upon being tipped off, declined to intervene on her behalf when a street gang who was made aware of the valuable information opened fire on her.

Elara Dorne died alone, with evidence incriminating her planted in Republic hands.

After the uncertainty of the moment Vierce and Jorgan took a closer look at the circumstances. Vierce chased down the evidence and identified the plant that Cipher Nine had played to place the evidence. Ardun Kothe blocked his efforts to find Cipher Nine; the Cipher's Act 2 - and the Castellan restraints - activated right after this mission and Kothe was protecting his resources.

Kothe failed. Cipher Nine killed his whole team and escaped the destruction of the Shadow Arsenal. Jonas Balkar, Vierce's SIS contact, now found his hands unbound. He gave Vierce everything he could.

With the help of the remainder of Havoc Squad and also his brother Kirsk, Vierce continued pursuit.

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