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Non-SWTOR index

THIS LIST IS DEPRECATED. The links are kept for historical purposes only. Roughly 95% of all scenes linked here were gathered in The Complete Brightephemera ebook downloads.

The Complete Brightephemera

A ~ before a story title indicates that it has been included in its universe's downloadable PDF. Stories without a ~ have only been published on the forums or Tumblr, never in a collection.

Crossovers and Miscellany

Universal meta: Legacy (Everybody)

Universe crossovers/collections:

Valentine's Day (Ananz, Hazard, Kirsk, Larr Gith, Mellekor, Nalenne, Nic, Niselle, Rho, Sevasht, Vierce, Wynston)

Vierce and Ruth meet on Voss (Ruth, Vierce, Wynston)

Wynston and women (Wynston, Bas Ravni, Pacha Gann, Ruth Niral, Larr Gith, Hazard)

Icon drabbles, Ananz reminisces with Vette, Calline competes with Blizz, Colran talks to a girl on Alderaan, Colrand talks training with Quinn

Icon drabbles, Dahlia preps for a mission, Dolarra flirts with Colran, Fixer 34 is mad at droids, Hazard talks shop with Crenzo Rau

Icon drabbles, Jora Mei calls in a favor, Larr Gith plans against Sergeant Rusk, Kirsk gives a wedding toast for Vierce, Mellekor yells at Vette

Icon drabbles, Nalenne talks vulnerability with Quinn, Nic basks in her own brilliance, Niselle yells at Andronikos, Pierce Junior works an op

Icon drabbles, Rho probes Lord Scourge, Ruth asks Jaesa for a favor, Rylon wants to visit a tomb, Sevasht notes a Pierce-Quinn dejarik game

Icon drabbles, Vierce throws grenades, Virinos Geth rants before the Council, Wynston notes a trap, Zauvien is patient with Colran

Mellekor and Jora Mei have Sith moments (Jora Mei, Mellekor)

OC profile: Colran Niral

OC profile: Glend

OC profile: Illyris

OC profile: Jora Mei

OC profile: Mama Savins

OC profile: Ruth Niral

Companion KotFE friendship letters: Zenith, LS Jaesa, Talos Drellik, Yuun, Broonmark, Lord Scourge, Xalek, M1-4X, Tharan Cedrax/Holiday, SCORPIO, Sergeant Rusk, Dr. Lokin, Gault Rennow


Downloadable PDFs




Triad 1

Triad 2

Triad 3

Triad 4

Triad 5

Triad 6

Triad 7: Ruth bonds with her crew over recovery; Jaesa tries to comfort Ruth; Ruth reports to her supervisors

Triad 8: Ruth confuses Jedi; Quinn questiosn Ruth's methods; Wynston warns Ruth about the Emperor (Ruth, Wynston)

Triad 9: Ruth meets Jaesa; Jaesa supports Ruth vs. a spy on Corellia; Jaesa gives Ruth an unexpected call (Ruth)

Triad 10: Quinn returns to Dromund Kaas and RUth sees her father; the Wrath is confirmed; Ruth meets Wynston's mysterious allies (Colran, Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston)

Triad 11: Ruth meets Pierce; Ruth fights alongside Pierce; Ruth calls Pierce for the first time in a while (Ruth)

Triad 12: Ruth gets a hint from Quinn; Ruth dismisses Quinn; Lord Scourge interviews Ruth (Ruth)

Triad 13: Ruth reviews Codes; Ruth names her child; Ruth goes out with Wynston and Larr Gith (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston)

Triad 14: Wynston trusts Ruth; Ruth mistrusts Jaesa; Ruth faces the Emperor's Voice in a lie (Ruth, Wynston)

Triad 15: Quinn lets Ruth in; Ruth loses an ally; Ruth gets support from Quinn (Ruth)

Triad 16: Ruth looks back on blood; Ruth is chilled by the Emperor; Ruth introduces Quinn to the new job (Ruth)

Triad 17: Broonmark is recruited; Ruth tangles with Wynston on a mission; Lord Scourge tries to persuade Ruth (Ruth, Wynston)

Triad 18: Ruth gets a kiss; Ruth meets Quinn; Ruth asserts her standing with Quinn (Larr Gith, Ruth)

Triad 19: Baras turns against Ruth; Ruth cautiously gets to know Quinn; Ruth tries a turn toward the light (Ruth)

Triad 20: Ruth consults with her father, Ruth visits Rylon setting in on Korriban, and Kira and Wynston speak of companions of the past. (Colran, Ruth, Rylon)

Triad 21: Ruth is satisfied, Ruth is satisfied, Ruth defends her satisfaction to Larr Gith (Larr Gith, Ruth)

Triad 22: Ruth's new taskmasters, Ruth and Quinn aren't idyllic, Quinn has doubts about the future (Ruth)

Triad 23: Voss, Colran and Dolarra's letters as curated by Jaesa, Kira talks about earning trust (Ruth, Wynston)

Triad 24: News about family, Ruth and Quinn consult over letters, Wynston questions Quinn's strategy (Ruth, Wynston)

[ Triad 25: Ruth reflects on her father's death; Ruth reaffirms her marriage; Ruth goes to deal with the Emperor's Voice after his summons

Triad 26: Meeting the Emperor (Larr Gith, Ruth, Rylon, Wynston)

Triad 27: Fighting the Emperor (Larr Gith, Ruth, Rylon, Wynston)

Assorted Older Work

Universe intro (Colran, Dolarra, Hazard, Larr Gith, Pierce Junior, Ruth, Rylon Niral, Wynston)

Comments on a benign world

Wynston's game storyline synopsis (Ruth, Wynston)

Wynston's full fic timeline synopsis (Hazard, Larr Gith, Pierce Junior, Ruth, Rylon Niral, Wynston)

Early Ruth synopsis (Ruth)

Wynston apologies (Wynston)

Misc Ficlets

Pacha Gann recuperates in the hospital after the loss of her eye (Fixer 34)

Kaliyo messes up Wynston's leg (Wynston) (nsfw)

Wynston's family toys (Caevarl, Calline, Wynston)

Ruth's lightsabers

Wynston ignores the sunrise; Wynston makes empty promises to a girl (Wynston)

pre-Timeline 1

22 BTC: Best Day Ever, Colran reaches Nar Shaddaa (Colran, Zauvien)

22 BTC: Worlds Colliding, Colran settles in at the Temple (Colran, Zauvien)

22 BTC: Home Ec: Coziness, Colran meets Gend (Colran, Gend)

21 BTC: Cafhouse, Colran hears Xar play (Colran, Gend, Xar, Zauvien)

21 BTC: Myths and Legends, Zauvien warns Colran about dangerous knowledge (Colran, Gend, Xar, Zauvien)

21 BTC: Colran considers a specialization to impress (Colran, Xar)

20 BTC: Colran rejects Xar (Colran, Xar)

20 BTC: Colran and Zauvien depart for Alderaan (Colran, Zauvien)

20 BTC: Travel to Alderaan; Rain; letter to Gend (Colran, Zauvien)

14 BTC: Infection, Colran meets Dolarra (crossposted here) (Colran, Dolarra)

14 BTC: Code vs. Code, Colran considers his career (Colran)

14 BTC: Colran's Homecoming (Colran and family)

~11 BTC: Letters: Love and duty, Dolarra to Colran (Colran, Dolarra)

11 BTC: Letters: Don't get down on yourself, Colran to Dolarra (Colran, Dolarra)

11 BTC: Colran and Dolarra wed (Colran, Dolarra)

~11 BTC: Letters: Homemaking, Colran to Dolarra (Colran, Dolarra)

10 BTC: Colran and Dolarra discuss their legacy for their daughter (Colran, Dolarra)

7 BTC: Wynston hears a traditional story (crossposted here) (Wynston)

5 BTC: Wynston studies Basic (crossposted here) (Nyss, Wynston)

5 BTC: Wynston breaks up with Nyss (crossposted here) (Nyss, Wynston)

5 BTC: Wynston leaves home (crossposted here) (Calline, Wynston)

5 BTC: Wynston's family post-departure (crossposted here) (Calline, Wynston, Wynston's family)

~5 BTC: Letters: Ruth growing up, Love out there, Colran to Dolarra (Colran, Dolarra)

~5 BTC: Letters: The war will end, Dolarra to Colran (Colran, Dolarra)

~5 BTC: Communication Breakdown: Dolarra's death (Colran, Dolarra, Ruth)

3 BTC: Wynston attends a lecture on torture (Wynston)

1 BTC: Egrin reminisces with Wynston (Egrin, Wynston)

1 BTC: Egrin confuses Wynston (Egrin, Wynston)

0 ATC: Posthumous letters: Colran's doubts about his ability to raise Ruth (Colran, Dolarra, Ruth)

2 ATC: Wynston uses Ryessa Thaye to get to her father Athsin (crossposted here) (Wynston)

2 ATC: Wynston uses Ryessa Thaye to get to her father Athsin, Ryessa POV (Wynston)

3 ATC: Wynston meets and works with Bas Ravni (Wynston, Bas Ravni)

4 ATC: Wynston and Bas Ravni help a refugee boy (Wynston, Bas Ravni)

4 ATC: One of Wynston's kill missions, a dictator (crossposted here) (Wynston)

6 ATC: Ruth and Colran reminisce about Dolarra (Colran, Ruth)

6 ATC: Wynston tries to pick up girls at a cantina (Wynston, Liira Vodd)

7 ATC: Wynston stays at a motel (Wynston)

8 ATC: Wynston barely makes it home to Watcher Two (Wynston)

Calline Timeline

Calline meets Braden (Calline)

Calline, exact date not set: Calline unsettles Gault (Calline)

Calline meets T5-M7 (Calline, T5-M7)

Calline gives Gault his share and opts not to fix 2V-R8 (Calline)

Calline cleans up T5-M7 (Calline, T5-M7)

T5-M7 calculates hyperspace coordinates under pressure (Calline, T5-M7)

Calline meets Torian and he recruits himself (Calline)

Mako lays down the rules (Calline)

Torian offers language lessons (Calline)

Calline calls Blizz off T5-M7 (Calline, T5-M7)

Calline is warned against Jora Mei (Calline, Wynston)

Calline searches for a problem part (Calline, T5-M7)

Torian tries to get Calline's whereabouts from T5-M7 (T5-M7)

Jora Mei Timeline

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered: Jora Mei extracts a promise of one day (Jora Mei)

Timeline 1

December, 8 ATC/November, 9 ATC: Mind tricks (Ruth) (repost)

October, 9 ATC: Teachers and Heroes: Tremel (Ruth)

~November, 9 ATC: Canned responses: Vette tries to figure Ruth out (Ruth) (repost)

November, 9 ATC: Wynston reacts to Jadus (crossposted here) (Wynston)

January, 10 ATC: Odd Jobs, redux: Ruth and Vette meet Wynston in the Dark Temple (Ruth, Wynston)

~January, 10 ATC: Odd Jobs: Ruth meets (and sleeps with) Wynston (crossposted here) (Ruth, Wynston)

January, 10 ATC: The Morning After, Ruth and Wynston (Ruth, Wynston)

~February, 10 ATC: Awaiting a command(Ruth)

February, 10 ATC: A Chiss, a Rattataki, a Twi'lek, and a Sith walk into a cantina v1 (Ruth, Wynston)

~February, 10 ATC: A Chiss, a Rattataki, a Twi'lek, and a Sith walk into a cantina v2, canon/preferred (Ruth, Wynston)

February, 10 ATC: Ruth and Wynston, Bad Timing (Ruth, Wynston)

February, 10 ATC: Ruth and Wynston wake up (Ruth, Wynston)

February, 10 ATC: Kaliyo teases Wynston about Ruth (Wynston)

February, 10 ATC: Ruth and Vette react to Quinn

~March, 10 ATC: Culture Shock: Kaliyo's Ways (Wynston)

March, 10 ATC: Leaving town (goodbye) (Wynston)

~March, 10 ATC: The Enemy Within, Ruth vs. Ruth (Ruth)

March, 10 ATC: Transportation, Wynston gets stranded in space (Wynston)

March, 10 ATC: The Morning After, Wynston re: Kaliyo Wynston)

March, 10 ATC: The Morning After, Kaliyo re: Wynston (Wynston)

March, 10 ATC: Naming Wynston's ship (Wynston)

April, 10 ATC: Wynston meets Vector (Wynston)

April, 10 ATC: Allies on Alderaan v1 (Ruth, Wynston)

~April, 10 ATC: Allies on Alderaan v2, canon/preferred (Ruth, Wynston)

April, 10 ATC: Wynston's haircut (Wynston)

May, 10 ATC: Wynston and Kaliyo talk about tools (Wynston)

~June, 10 ATC: What's in a Name? Wynston to Ruth (Ruth, Wynston)

~June, 10 ATC: Homecoming, Ruth returns to Dromund Kaas (Ruth)

June, 10 ATC: Wynston speaks with a hallucination of Egrin (Wynston, Egrin)

June, 10 ATC: Kaliyo takes Wynston on a trip (Wynston)

~June, 10 ATC: Sowing mercy, Ruth spares Jedi (Ruth)

June, 10 ATC: Kaliyo gets Wynston some armor (Wynston)

~July, 10 ATC: Ruth meets the Padawan (Ruth)

July, 10 ATC: Kaliyo mocks Wynston's alcohol habit (Wynston)

July, 10 ATC: Wynston chats with Vector about folklore (Wynston)

August, 10 ATC: Wynston and Kaliyo's anniversary (Wynston)

August, 10 ATC: Wynston turns Kaliyo down (Wynston)

August, 10 ATC: Vette itch powders Quinn's uniform, Confessions (Ruth)

~September, 10 ATC: Rejection 1 (Ruth)

~September, 10 ATC: Meet the Heavy (Ruth)

~September, 10 ATC: Fangirl: Ruth and Quinn explore Taris (crossposted here) (Ruth)

[ September, 10 ATC (WIP): Broysc with Vette (Ruth)

~September, 10 ATC: Mixed Signals, Quinn is wounded on Taris (Ruth)

~October, 10 ATC: Peace, love, and keeping your head down (Jaesa, Ruth)

October, 10 ATC: Failure: Ruth tries not to think about Quinn (Ruth)

~October, 10 ATC: Ruth helps Wynston on Quesh, v1, canon/preferred version (Ruth, Wynston)

~October, 10 ATC: Permission granted, Ruth and Quinn (Ruth)

October, 10 ATC: Alternate Quesh help and permission granted (Ruth, Wynston) (this one is lame)

~October, 10 ATC: Canned Responses with Lt. Pierce (Ruth)

~October, 10 ATC: Discouragement (Ruth)

October, 10 ATC: Tauntaun Roundup (Ruth, Wynston)

October, 10 ATC: Kaliyo mocks Wynston over double agenting (Wynston)

~October, 10 ATC: Warming Up (Ruth)

~October, 10 ATC: What's in a name? Ruth to Quinn(posted with minor additions here) (Ruth)

October, 10 ATC: Jaesa chimes in (Ruth)

November, 10 ATC: Wynston confides in Vector (Wynston)

November, 10 ATC: Affection: Wynston distracts Kaliyo (Wynston)

November, 10 ATC: Wynston deals with Temple (Wynston)

November, 10 ATC: Kaliyo saves Wynston from Temple (Wynston)

December, 10 ATC: Wynston and Kaliyo talk relationship status (Wynston)

December, 10 ATC: Wynston preps for a Sevarcos II operation (Wynston)

December, 10 ATC: Best Day Ever, Ruth in love (Ruth)

~January, 11 ATC: Catching Up, spaceport edition (Wynston)

January, 11 ATC: Wynston promises to drink less (Wynston)

January, 11 ATC: Fixer Eighteen talks to Wynston (Wynston)

January, 11 ATC: Wynston compliments Kaliyo (smell) (Wynston)

February, 11 ATC: Wynston plans killing a Sith (Wynston)

February, 11 ATC: Quinn reflects on Ruth's weakness (Ruth)

March, 11 ATC: Ruth asks Quinn about the war and stargazes (Ruth)

March, 11 ATC: Wynston on the Force (Wynston)

May, 11 ATC: Ruth and Quinn recover from wounds (Ruth)

~April, 11 ATC: A change in terms (Ruth)

April, 11 ATC: Synchronicity on Belsavis (Ruth, Wynston)

~April, 11 ATC: Life is short: Marriage proposal (Ruth)

May, 11 ATC: Wynston affirms friendship with Ruth on Voss (Ruth, Wynston)

May, 11 ATC: Ruth doesn't lecture Wynston on the Force (Ruth, Wynston)

May, 11 ATC: Baras the villain

~May-June, 11 ATC: Skimming through Voss, v1 (Ruth, Wynston)

~June, 11 ATC: Rites of Passage: Wynston on Voss (Wynston)

June, 11 ATC: Relationship opinions (Ruth, Wynston)

June, 11 ATC: Parenthood: Defense, Colran faces Lord Draahg (Colran)

~June, 11 ATC: Falling apart, Ruth senses her father's death (Ruth)

Timeline 2

~June, 11 ATC: Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turn'd, Quinn vs. Ruth (Ruth)

June, 11 ATC: Ruth's dream (Ruth)

June, 11 ATC: Jaesa tends to Quinn

~June, 11 ATC: Homewrecking, Ruth interrogates Quinn (Ruth)

June, 11 ATC: Wynston blows off steam with Kaliyo (Wynston)

June, 11 ATC: Kaliyo turns on Wynston (Wynston)

June, 11 ATC: Wynston gets back from Hutta (Wynston)

June, 11 ATC: Seasons: Wynston talks to the Minister (Wynston)

June, 11 ATC: Wynston wakes up without Kaliyo (Wynston)

~July, 11 ATC: Ruth gathers allies, Darth Vowrawn (Ruth)

July, 11 ATC: Ruth asks about Quinn's likely career path (Ruth)

~July, 11 ATC: Ruth lectures about mercy (Ruth)

~July, 11 ATC: Fellow Failures (Ruth)

July, 11 ATC: Vector declares solidarity with Wynston (Wynston)

~July, 11 ATC: Ruth kills Darth Baras (Ruth)

July, 11 ATC: Ruth apologizes to her father (Ruth)

~July, 11 ATC: Rejection 2 (crossposted here) (Ruth)

~August, 11 ATC: Missed opportunity (Ruth)

August, 11 ATC: Wynston invites Keeper to the Tenebrous (Wynston)

~September, 11 ATC: What's in a Name? Ruth and Rylon (Ruth)

October, 11 ATC: Vector talks to Wynston about his drinking problem (Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston tries to stay sober for a day (Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston screws up a Zeltros op; Keeper calls him home (Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston decides to go for treatment (Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston reports to Keeper for coordination of alcoholism treatment (Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston meets Fixer Thirty-Four (Fixer 34, Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston and Fixer Thirty-Four discuss Cipher Nine's reputation (Fixer 34, Wynston)

October, 11 ATC: Wynston struggles at night; Wynston talks travel with Fixer Thirty-Four (Fixer 34, Wynston)

November, 11 ATC: Wynston dreams of screwing up (Wynston)

November, 11 ATC: Wynston asks how Fixer Thirty-Four deals; Fixer Thirty-Four reports to Keeper; Wynston asks Fixer Thirty-Four about her eye (Fixer 34, Wynston)

November, 11 ATC: Wynston and Fixer Thirty-Four trade confessions (Fixer 34, Wynston)

November, 11 ATC: Wynston says goodbye to Fixer Thirty-Four (Fixer 34, Wynston)

November, 11 ATC: Wynston returns to the Tenebrous; Wynston sends Fixer Thirty-Four a gift (Wynston)

November, 11 ATC: Fixer Thirty-Four goes to dance (Fixer 34)

December, 11 ATC: Fallout from Wynston/Fixer Thirty-Four

~December, 11 ATC: War, hatred, and cracking heads (Ruth)

January, 12 ATC: Ruth urges the Dark Side for Jaesa (Ruth)

~January, 12 ATC: It's not paranoia if they really are out to get you (Wynston)

June, 12 ATC: Missing Vette (Ruth)

September, 12 ATC: Wynston rescues Vector; brotherhood (Wynston)

January, 14 ATC: Wynston offers Smuggler Vette some help (Wynston)

March, 14 ATC: Ruth misses Vette (Ruth)

~March, 15 ATC: Time Does Not Bring Relief: Wynston talks to Quinn (crossposted here) (Wynston)

~March, 15 ATC: Vette celebrates her freedom

April, 15 ATC: Virinos Geth makes an offer (Ruth, Virinos Geth)

April-May, 15 ATC: Loneliness: Quinn's Personal Logs

~June, 16 ATC: Permission almost fully withdrawn (Ruth and Wynston)

August, 16 ATC: Ruth's smuggler (Jad, Ruth, Tennet)

~September, 16 ATC: I'm not done lecturing you (Wynston and Quinn) (crossposted here) (Wynston)

~August, 18 ATC: Parenting: Ambition (Ruth, Rylon Niral)

23 ATC: The fall of Intelligence (for now) (Wynston)

October, 24 ATC: Wynston meets the new Dawn Herald (Hazard, Wynston)

October, 24 ATC: The new Dawn Herald Hazard meets Wynston (Hazard, Wynston)

October, 24 ATC: Wynston and Hazard report to the Aegis (Hazard, Wynston)

October, 24 ATC: Hazard reflects on Wynston, Wynston doesn't drink (Hazard, Wynston)

March, 25 ATC: Wynston and Hazard share an op (Hazard, Wynston)

August, 25 ATC: Hazard describes her Joining (Hazard, Wynston)

December,25 ATC: Wynston and Hazard dance (Hazard, Wynston)

February, 26 ATC: Wynston and Hazard get together (Hazard, Wynston)

Timeline 2.5

~August, 26 ATC: Meeting again (Ruth and Quinn) (crossposted here)

~August, 26 ATC: Dinner (Ruth and Quinn)

~September, 26 ATC: School (crossposted here) (Ruth and Rylon)

~December, 26 ATC: Falling together (crossposted here) (Ruth and Quinn)

December, 26 ATC: The Morning After (Ruth and Quinn)

December, 26 ATC: Ruth goes dress shopping (Ruth)

~December, 26 ATC: One step forward, one step back (crossposted here) (Ruth and Quinn)

February, 27 ATC: Boring Conversation Anyway, Ruth fights with Quinn over her father (Ruth and Quinn)

~April, 27 ATC: Letters 1, v1 (crossposted here) (Ruth and Quinn)

~May, 27 ATC: Letters 2, v1 (crossposted here) (Ruth and Quinn)

~June, 27 ATC: Letters 3, v1 (Ruth and Quinn)

June, 27 ATC: Ruth reads letters (Ruth)

~June, 27 ATC: Sometimes love is a decision, v1 (Ruth and Quinn)

June, 27 ATC: Reunion (Colran, Dolarra, Ruth and Quinn)

August, 27 ATC: As Time Goes By, recalling trying to stay away from one another (Ruth and Quinn)

~August, 27 ATC: Second vows (Ruth and Quinn)

Timeline 3

~September, 27 ATC: A gift for Quinn (Ruth)

~November, 27 ATC: Meeting with the Boss (Ruth)

~January, 28 ATC: A Sith, a Jedi, and a Chiss walk into a safe house (Ruth, Wynston)

~February, 28 ATC: The serpent's tooth: Rylon vs. Ruth (Ruth, Rylon Niral)

~February, 28 ATC: Second chances (Ruth and Quinn)

~February, 28 ATC: Homemaking, considering a child (Ruth and Quinn)

~March, 28 ATC: Ruth is lectured about mercy (Ruth and Wynston)

~March, 28 ATC: Neglected Correspondence, Ruth calls Jaesa (Ruth)

~April, 28 ATC: And now for something completely different (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston)

~April, 28 ATC: Support personnel: Ruth calls Pierce (Ruth)

~April, 28 ATC: Lord Scourge questions Ruth (Ruth)

~April, 28 ATC: The team expands further (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston)

April, 28 ATC: Ruth dines with Jaesa (Ruth)

~April, 28 ATC: The moment of falsehood (Ruth)

~May, 28 ATC: Permission impossible to deny (Ruth and Quinn)

~May, 28 ATC: Take it outside: Ruth works with Larr Gith, Wynston, and co. (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston)

May, 28 ATC: The lecture-bot (Ruth)

~May, 28 ATC: Reintroduction, Quinn sees Wynston again (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston)

May, 28 ATC: The Mediator with T7-01 (Wynston)

May, 28 ATC: Allies: Ruth thanks Wynston (Ruth, Wynston)

~May, 28 ATC: The Wrath tests the Wrath (Ruth)

~May, 28 ATC: Companions and conversations (Ruth, Wynston)

~June, 28 ATC: Prep work, the Light Side (Ruth and Quinn)

June, 28 ATC: Affection, Wynston checks in on Ruth (Ruth, Wynston)

June, 28 ATC: Quinn doesn't demand things of Ruth (Ruth and Quinn)

~June, 28 ATC: Love believes all things (Ruth, Quinn, and Wynston)

June, 28 ATC: Kira asks about Wynston (Ruth)

~June, 28 ATC: Falling into place, Rylon shows (Ruth, Rylon Niral)

~June, 28 ATC: Huddle (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston, and Quinn)

~July, 28 ATC: Protection 1 (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston, and Quinn)

~July, 28 ATC: Protection 2 (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston, and Quinn)

~July, 28 ATC: Protection 3 (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston, and Quinn)

~July, 28 ATC: Protection 4 (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston, and Quinn)

~July, 28 ATC: Denouement (Larr Gith, Ruth, Wynston, and Quinn)

Post-RMC, including Ruth-less (Cabal Buddies)

Timeline intro (Ruth, Rylon Niral, Wynston)

August 28 ATC: Rylon asks for a lightsaber (Rylon Niral)

July, 28 ATC: Wynston explains the invitation (Hazard, Wynston)

September, 28 ATC: Quinn comes on board (Wynston)

September, 28 ATC: Quinn’s Orientation; we meet Hazard (Hazard, Wynston)

September, 28 ATC: Quinn asks about his role (Wynston)

September, 28 ATC: Quinn and Wynston take down a bad guy; Quinn gloats (Wynston)

September, 28 ATC: Hazard chats with Quinn about Ruth and Killiks (Hazard, Wynston)

October, 28 ATC: Wynston has a serious talk with Quinn about guilt (Wynston)

November, 28 ATC: Quinn demands names (crossposted here) (Wynston)

November, 28 ATC: Wynston tries to teach Quinn a Coruscanti accent (Wynston)

December, 28 ATC: Quinn practices seduction even though he didn’t want to (Wynston)

December, 28 ATC: Quinn gets a disguise generator (Wynston)

January, 29 ATC: A military op done Quinn’s way (Wynston)

January, 29 ATC: Quinn says Wynston would be a terrible liaison to Sith (Wynston)

January, 29 ATC: Quinn wins a triumph for the Empire - err, the Consortium (Wynston)

February, 29 ATC: Quinn and Wynston’ op almost goes wrong (Wynston)

February, 29 ATC: Wynston suggests that Quinn move on (Wynston)

February, 29 ATC: Fan Service, Quinn and Wynston on a date (Wynston)

March, 29 ATC: Wynston mourns the fact that he started out like Quinn; “QuinnWyn” is coined (Wynston)

May, 29 ATC: Paying respects on Ruth’s birthday (Wynston)

May, 29 ATC: Wynston protests that he is not at all jealous (Wynston)

May, 29 ATC: Quinn argues in favor of the Empire (Wynston)

June, 29 ATC: Operation Stilled Stream, an example op (Wynston)

June, 29 ATC: Quinn and Wynston remember that time Quinn tried to kill Ruth (Wynston)

June, 29 ATC: Blame Quinn (Wynston)

June, 29 ATC: Wynston Rescues Quinn (serious) (Wynston)

July, 29 ATC: Meet Pierce Junior (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

July, 29 ATC: Junior makes himself at home (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

August, 29 ATC: Wynson re-encounters Kaliyo (Wynston)

September, 29 ATC: Wynston and Quinn stoop to name-calling (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

September, 29 ATC: Parenthood: Pierce Jr. meets Rylon Niral crossposted here) (Pierce Junior, Rylon Niral, Wynston)

October, 29 ATC: Counseling for Rylon and Quinn (Rylon Niral, Wynston)

October, 29 ATC: Quinn counseling

November, 29 ATC: More counseling for Rylon and Quinn (Rylon Niral)

November, 29 ATC: Rylon has Two Dads (Rylon Niral, Wynston)

November, 29 ATC: Rylon asks Wynston about Ruth (Rylon Niral, Wynston)

December, 29 ATC: Rylon comes on board (Rylon Niral, Wynston)

December, 29 ATC: Good Memories: Our Lady of Never Tell Me the Odds (crossposted here) (Rylon Niral, Wynston)

December, 29 ATC: Misery Hates Company: Wynston tries brooding (crossposted here) (Wynston)

January, 30 ATC: Deadly Sins, Wrath: Pierce Jr. brings Ruth up to Wynston (crossposted here) (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

January, 30 ATC: Deadly Sins, Lust: Quinn and Wynston, with Pierce Junior (crossposted here) (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

January, 30 ATC: Lust, Reprise: Wynston, Temple, Hazard (crossposted here) (Hazard, Wynston)

January, 30 ATC: Quinn and Wynston work as a not-team (Wynston)

January, 30 ATC: Legacy: Pierce Jr. and Wynston (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

February, 30 ATC: Fan Service: Advanced Math Edition (crossposted here) (Hazard, Rylon Niral, Wynston)

February, 30 ATC: LF1M: Wynston and Junior rig Quinn's dating profile (crossposted here) (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

February, 30 ATC: My Little Operative: Friendship is Very Advanced Technology, Wynston and Quinn meet Holiday (crossposted here) (Wynston)

February, 30 ATC: Quinn and Wynston try to get back to work (Wynston)

March, 30 ATC: Quinn and Wynston each try to send the other to a Czerka op (Hazard, Rylon Niral, Wynston)

March, 30 ATC: Wynston compares himself to Quinn with Holiday's help (Wynston)

March, 30 ATC: When Hazard Met Cipher: The girls discuss Quinn and Wynston

March, 30 ATC: Wynston considers calling Kaliyo (crossposted here) (Wynston)

April, 30 ATC: Wynston decides the Empire will take Balmorra (crossposted here) (Wynston)

April, 30 ATC: Pierce Junior writes about Ruth and Larr Gith (Pierce Junior, Wynston)

April, 30 ATC: Wynston's advice on laying a trap

April, 30 ATC: Growing Up/Growing Out of Father's Shadow, Pierce Junior notifies Rylon of his air of stormy tragedy

May, 30 ATC: Wynston meets Ryessa Thaye again (Wynston)

May, 30 ATC: Tall Tales with cadets (Wynston)

May, 30 ATC: Quinn and Wynston talk alluringly (Wynston)

Ruth AU: The Sword of Mercy/Twin Stars

Loyalty and Betrayal 3, Wynston changes course (Twin Stars) (Wynston)

Life and Death 3, Wynston ends the traditional class line (Twin Stars) (Wynston)

Backfired Plans 1, Wynston's partner has a different idea (Twin Stars) (Wynston)

Culture Shock 1, Wynston attempts to set terms (Twin Stars) (Wynston)

Teachers and Heroes 2, Wynston contacts Imperial Intelligence and is needled by his partner (Twin Stars) (Wynston)

Disguises, Wynston gets his disguise generator (Twin Stars) (Wynston)

Ruth AU: Sith Transit (Musical)

Scene 1.1 I'm Sith, That Means (I Dreamed a Dream)

Scene 1.2 I Saw You (Stars)

Scene 1.3 When Intelligence Says (At the End of the Day)

Scene 2.1/2.2, All I Want (On My Own)

Scene 2.3, I'm Sith, That Means (Reprise) (I Dreamed a Dream)

Scene 2.4

Scene 2.5, Is This All, After All (Empty Chairs at Empty Tables)

Scene 2.6, Is This All, After All (Reprise) (Empty Chairs at Empty Tables)

Scene 2.7, Better Than This (Bring Him Home)

Ruth AU: Lodestone

Ruth and Wynston appear in almost every scene of this AU.

Book 2: A Different Course

L: Faith, Hope and (crossposted here)

L+0: The dream changes (crossposted here)

L+1: Wynston re-meets the crew (crossposted here)

L+1: Pierce and Wynston assess one another (crossposted here)

L+1: Ruth's slaughter (crossposted here)

L+1: Wynston calls Ruth on it (crossposted here)

L+1: Wynston checks his correspondence (crossposted here)

L+2: Preparing for the day (crossposted here)

L+2: Wynston speaks with Quinn (crossposted here)

L+2: Jaesa's counsel (crossposted here)

L+2: Work day, personal evening

L+3: Wynston presses Ruth about Quinn

L+3: Wynston leaves the Fury

L+3: Wynston plans his next move

L+4 and some: Ruth alone

L+4 and some: Wynston alone

L+10: Wynston's warning

L+10: Ruth faces Lord Draahg

L+10: Homeward

L+10: It has to go differently

L+11: Post-processing

L+11: The summons to Korriban

L+11: Baras's fall

L+12: Homecoming

L+12: Ruth's doubt

L+13: Wynston contemplates leaving

L+15: Quinn's departure

L+15: Wynston, Vette, and the future

L+20: A date at the Nexus

L+25: Divergent careers

L+32: Naming names

L+39: Departure

Book 3: Far Afield

L+5 months: Back in town

L+5 months: Colran and Dolarra's Letters

L+6 months: Wynston's letter

L+8 months: Childbirth

L+8 months: Studying the Hero

L+13 months: The Emperor's Call

L+13 months: Of Emperor and IX; Wynston meets Cole

L+17 months: Fidelity

L+22 months: Wynston talks to Vette about belonging

L+24 months: Ruth sings to Colrand

L+24 months: Ruth's Lifestyle

Misc: L+2 years 2 months: Memories of Coruscant (crossposted here)

L+2 years 8 months: Wynston comes home with a scar

L+3 years 2 months: Unavailable

Misc: L+3 years 8 months: Alternate Perspectives, prepping to see each other (crossposted here)

L+3 years 8 months: Days gone by

L+4 years: Girl Talk

L+5 years: Status Update

L+5 years 11 months: Colrand's Father

L+6 years: Under the Influence

L+6 years: Other Options

Misc: L+6 years 1 month, Wynston reflects on his limits

Misc: L+6.5 years, Ruth asks about Rentor

L+7 years: Dromund Kaas Company

L+7 years: Women Abroad

L+8 years: Tutoring Cole

Misc: L+9 years: Affection (crossposted here)

L+10 years: Boredom

L+11 years: The Aegis

Misc: L+12 years: Fluffy drabbles

L+13: Force and Force in Family

L+14 years: Conflict of Interest

L+14 years: Wynston Research

L+14 years 8 months: Ruth Reflects on the Job

L+14 years 8 months: Orphea and Scourge

L+14 years 10 months: Questions on Quinn

L+14 years 10 months: Wrath Not Negotiable

L+14 years 11 months: Warning Cole

Book 4: Drawn

L+15 Years: Ruth's Assignment

L+15 Years: Meeting with Destiny

L+15 Years: Quinn, Cole, and Ruth

L+15 Years: Ruth Meets Quinn

L+15 Years: Wynston Reeling

L+15 Years: One More Nightmare

L+15 Years 1 Day: Ruth's Awakening

L+15 Years 1 Day: Orphea's Arrangement

L+15 Years 1 Day: The Hand's Orders

L+15 Years 1 Day: Orphea Calls

L+15 Years 1 Day: Quinn's Comfort

L+15 Years 2 Days: Ruth and Larr Gith

L+15 Years 2 Days: No Looking Back

L+15 Years 2 Days: Colrand and Quinn's Teachings

L+15 Years 2 Days: Nightmare

L+15 Years 3 Days: Family

L+15 Years 3 Days: Allies

L+15 Years 4 Days: Girl Bonding

L+15 Years 8 Days: Urging Perspective

L+15 Years 8 Days: Wynston Looks Ahead

L+15 Years 14 Days: Testing the Wrath

L+15 Years 16 Days: Wynston and the Wrath

L+15 Years 17 Days: Tip

L+15 Years 20 Days: Reminisce

L+15 Years 21 Days: Terms

L+15 Years 21 Days: Tools and Toys

L+15 Years 24 Days: Cole's Plea

L+15 Years 24 Days: Deciding Quinn

L+15 Years 25 Days: The Morning After

L+15 Years 25 Days: Orphea's Impatience

L+15 years 27 days: Colrand asks about the new Ruth/Quinn dynamic

L+15 years 29 days: Orphea at Dawn

L+15 years 29 days: Ruth tests resistance to refreshed orders

L+15 years 29 days: Planning the reunion

L+15 years 30 days: Reunion

L+15 years 30 days: Reaction

L+15 years 30 days: Ruth comes home to Quinn

L+15 years 31 days: Reminding Quinn of the danger (Quinn POV)

L+15 years 31 days: Orphea Gets Moving

L+15 years 32 days: Mission Not Accomplished I

L+15 years 35 days: Scourge Corners Wynston

L+15 years 36 days: Mission Not Accomplished II

L+15 years 36 days: Tenacity Slips

L+15 years 36 days: Exodus

L+15 years 36 days: On the Offensive

L+15 years 36 days: Torn

L+15 years 36 days: Finding the Voice

L+15 years 36 days: About a Boy

L+15 years 36 days: Patching

L+15 years 36 days: Guardian


Analysis of how Lodestone differed from RMC canon

The Morning After

Epilogue: On the Fury, Doc gets a kiss

Epilogue: Music

Epilogue: A Clear Day on Dromund Kaas

Epilogue: On Dromund Kaas

Epilogue: On the Aegis

Epilogue: Ruth sees Wynston's room

Epilogue: Second Thoughts

Epilogue: Sap

Affectionate fluff

Ruth asks Wynston about his childhood and job

Epilogue: L+23 years 9 months, Colrand marries Avanna

Possible L+37: Quinn prepares for Ruth's funeral

Epilogue: NotLP: I Love This Bar

Epilogue: NotLP: As Time Goes By (crossposted here)

Splinter: Ruth dies, Wynston's POV

Tainted Servant 1: Ruth senses Wynston's absence

Tainted Servant: Jadus challenges Ruth (first draft)

Tainted Servant 2: Jadus challenges Ruth, Wynston recovers

Tainted Servant 3: Wynston thinks of Ruth and his predicament

Tainted Servant: Jadus promotes Wynston (first draft)

Tainted Servant 4: Jadus reveals his plan, Ruth reports to the Hand

Tainted Servant 5: Jadus tortures Wynston

Tainted Servant 6: Wynston takes over the Tenebrous

Tainted Servant 7: Jadus retreats, Ruth pursues

Tainted Servant 8: Jadus fights Ruth

Tainted Servant 9: Recovery

Ruth AU: Dialogues

Ruth and Rho appear throughout this AU.

1. Waking in Trouble

2. Ruth finds out what trouble her transport is in

3. Rho speaks more with his captor, hears about his droid companion, and asks for a glass of water

4. Ruth warns Pierce

5. Rho's first impression

6. Making him comfortable

7. The Emperor

8. Career as a Sith

9. Career as a Jedi; being missed

10. Collecting Sith

etc: more on Archiveofourown

Ruth AU: Token Gritty AU (TGAU)

2. Ruth gives up on Quinn (Ruth)

3. Wynston finds Ruth (Ruth, Wynston)

4. Ruth and Wynston talk planetside (Ruth, Wynston)

5. Wynston showers and eats (Ruth, Wynston)

6. Ruth sings Wynston to sleep (Ruth, Wynston)

6.5. Quinn sees Wynston (Ruth, Wynston)

7. Wynston talks to Keeper (Wynston)

8. Wynston talks to Keeper and tells Ruth he's leaving (Ruth, Wynston)

9. Wynston pleads with Darth Scythia (Jora Mei, Wynston)

10. Ruth faces Darth Scythia (Jora Mei, Ruth, Wynston)

11. Ruth faces Darth Scythia, cont. (Jora Mei, Ruth, Wynston)

12. Ruth goes for medical treatment (Ruth)

Official KotFE AU

0.1 Quinn asks Darth Scythia for information (Darth Scythia/Jora Mei)

1 Ruth tries to adjust to Odessen (Ruth)

2 Theron meets Ruth again (Ruth)

3 Ruth wakes up again (Ruth)

4 Theron and Lana look at their options (Ruth, others mentioned)

5 Ruth strives for the right (Ruth)

6 Theron's opinion of Ruth's work

7 Wynston finds Ruth (Wynston, Ruth)

8 Ruth takes Wynston onboard (Wynston, Ruth)

9 Lana and co. realize Ruth is gone

10 Wynston tries to sleep (Ruth, Wynston)

11 Ruth phones home; Theron notes her smile (Ruth)

12 Wynston reaches Odessen and is cautious (Ruth, Wynston)

13 Theron, Ruth, and Wynston circle (Ruth, Wynston)

14 Theron notes Ruth's LS work (Ruth)

15 Wynston fixes things with Koth (Wynston)

16 Theron asks Ruth out for drinks (Ruth)

17 Ruth and Wynston check on settled-in-ness (Ruth, Wynston)

18 Theron is upset by a failure (Ruth)

19 Theron and Ruth skate (Ruth)

20 Theron asks Wynston about Ruth (Wynston)

21 Theron sends reports; Wynston asks Ruth about Theron (Ruth, Wynston)

22 Ruth thanks Theron and talks ordinary things (Ruth)

23 Ruth asks about Wynston's avoidance; Ruth and Koth deny Ziost (Ruth, Wynston)

24 Wynston takes Ruth ashore (Ruth, Wynston)

25 Wynston and Ruth face off planetside (Ruth, Wynston)

26 Ruth reacts to Ziost; Wynston comforts (Ruth, Wynston)

27 Ruth returns to Odessen post-Ziost and meets Theron (Ruth)

28 Wynston wants a makeover; Ruth shows off the lounge (Ruth, Wynston)

29 Ruth tries not to think about Theron (Ruth)

30 Wynston gets surgery; Ruth and co. talk vulnerabilities (Ruth, Wynston)

31 Ruth and Theron don't get crushed; Theron asks Lana about love (Ruth)

32 Ruth departs for Dromund Kaas (Ruth)

33 Ruth reaches Dromund Kaas and meets someone (Jora Mei, Ruth)

34 Ruth deals with Darth Scythia on Dromund Kaas for information on Rylon (Jora Mei, Ruth)

35 Ruth and Theron discuss Dromund Kaas (Ruth)

36 Ruth and Theron reach a new stage (Ruth)

37 Ruth and Theron jump into action with a probe (Ruth)

38 Wynston and Lana weigh in (Wynston)

39 Placeholder (Ruth)

40 Afterglow with Ruth and Theron (Ruth)

41 Wynston asks Lana a personal question (Wynston)

42 Wynston brings Ruth to the holiday bash (Ruth, Wynston)

43 Theron seeks Rylon on Ruth's behalf (Ruth)

44 Wynston and Lana go to meet Kaliyo (Wynston)

45 Love (Ruth)

46 Wynston's happiness (Ruth, Wynston)

47 Ruth goes on a vision quest (Ruth)

Flash fic: Would Wynston have gone for Kaliyo? (Ruth, Wynston)

Drabble: Theron sees Ruth the enemy (Ruth)

~enter Quinn~

A48 Ruth reacts to Quinn's return; Theron listens (Ruth)

A49 Ruth tries to get info from a Hutt, with Quinn and Theron accompanying (Ruth)

A50 Theron asks Wynston about Quinn (Wynston)

A51 Ruth asks Quinn about Rylon, opens up to Theron (Ruth)

A52 Fluff, Theron wakes up with Ruth (Ruth)

A53 Wynston and Lana kiss (Wynston)

A54 Multi-way conversation in the holo room (Ruth, Wynston)

A55 Ruth and Jorgan share a lift (Ruth)

56 Wynston drinks at Ruth (Ruth, Wynston)

57 Wynston helps Lana crack a puzzle (Wynston)

58 Theron can't do it alone (Ruth)

59 Wynston and Kaliyo (Wynston)

~60 missing due to miscount~

61 Torian gets briefed on Ruth (Lana, Torian)

62 Quinn gets word on Ruth as the team gears up for Arcann (Lana, Quinn, Wynston)

63 Quinn and Ruth fly to get Rylon (Quinn)

64 Ruth and Quinn get Rylon (Quinn, Rylon, Satele Shan)

65 Ruth, Quinn, and Rylon fly back together (Quinn, Rylon)

66 Ruth gets a cold welcome (Lana, Theron, Wynston)

67 Ruth seeks certainty with Quinn (Quinn)

68 Wynston admits something to Lana (Lana, Wynston)

69 Ruth wakes up with Quinn; Rylon mentions ‘grr’ (Quinn, Rylon)

70 Theron meets Rylon (Quinn, Rylon, Theron) 71 Wynston meets Rylon] (Rylon, Theron, Wynston)

72 Ruth avoids work and talk of avoiding Quinn (Lana, Theron, Wynston)

73 Ruth tries to expel Quinn (Quinn)

74 Rylon asks about Quinn, grr, and emotions (Rylon)

75 Wynston talks to Lana about physical therapy and Rylon (Lana, Wynston)

76 Rylon goes to school and laughs (Rylon, Theron)

77 Ruth drops off Rylon with Quinn (Quinn, Rylon)

78 Theron points out the awkward while welcoming Ruth home (Theron)

79 Ruth returns to HQ (Koth, Lana, Theron, Wynston)

80 Ruth and Lana negotiate with Darth Scythia (Jora Mei, Koth, Lana, Theron, Wynston)

81 Vartha Wolf talks to Quinn (Quinn, Vartha)

82 Lana spars with Ruth and a new hand (Lana, Ruth)

83 Ruth gets Vette a drink (Ruth, Vette)

84 Meet Tebbith (Lana, Ruth, Tebbith)

85 Quinn and Rylon have target practice (Quinn, Rylon, Vartha Wolf)

86 Wynston gives Lana a gift (Lana, Wynston)

87 Vartha Wolf saves Rylon's life (Quinn, Rylon, Vartha Wolf)

88 Tebbith requests a rescue (Lana, Ruth, Tebbith, Theron, Wynston)

89 A rescue happens (Lana, Larr Gith, Ruth, Tebbith, Theron, Wynston)

90 Escape from the Hutts (Lana, Larr Gith, Ruth, Tebbith, Theron, Wynston)

91 Ruth and Vette pazaak (Ruth, Theron, Vette)

92 Rylon returns to the ship; Quinn speaks with Vartha (Quinn, Ruth, Rylon, Vartha Wolf)

93 Larr Gith gets her bearings (Lana, Larr Gith, Ruth, Tebbith, Theron, Wynston)

94 Lana finds Wynston's stash (Lana, Wynston)

95 Wynston's friends intervene; Calline shows up (Calline, Lana, Ruth, Theron, Torian, Wynston)

96 Calline talks to Lana and Ruth; Wynston thinks of fleeing (Calline, Lana, Ruth, Theron, Wynston)

97 Wynston bolts; Calline finds him on the way (Calline, Lana, Ruth, Theron, Wynston)

98 Ruth and Theron discuss Wynston and loyalty (Ruth, Theron, Wynston)

99 Calline follows Wynston to rehab and fights him (Calline, Wynston)

100 100 Post Update: Wynston avoiding Calline, Quinn thinking on Rylon and Vartha, Larr Gith and Tebbith working with Vette, Ruth, Koth, and Lana; Ruth teaching Rylon (Ensemble)

101 Lord Rhik the Sith menaces Rylon (Quinn, Rhik, Rylon, Vartha Wolf)

102 Wynston tells Calline about being in Intelligence (Calline, Wynston)

103 Rylon comes home; Theron sees Quinn and Ruth talking the Rhik matter over (Quinn, Ruth, Rylon, Theron)

104 Wynston admits he has a problem (Calline, Wynston)

105 Quinn asks permission to pursue Rhik's master (Quinn, Vartha Wolf)

106 Wynston tells Calline about his friends (Calline, Wynston)

107 Wynston tells Calline about Wynston's past (Calline, Wynston)

108 Lana and Theron take on Wynston's bar (Lana, Theron)

109 Past tense: Theron agrees to help Ruth deal with Quinn (Ruth, Theron)

110 Calline returns to Odessen; Ruth gives her another assignment (Calline, Lana, Ruth, Torian)

111 Wynston has no visitors (Wynston)

112 Theron and Ruth call Quinn (Quinn, Ruth, Theron)

113 Ruth and Theron put Rylon to bed after a play (Ruth, Rylon, Theron)

114 Lana invites Wynston home (Lana, Wynston)

115 Darth Nox, 1 (Quinn, Ruth, Theron, Vartha Wolf, Virinos Geth)

116 Darth Nox, 2 (Quinn, Ruth, Theron, Vartha Wolf, Virinos Geth)

117 Ruth confronts Quinn; Theron returns to Rylon (Quinn, Ruth, Rylon, Theron)

118 Details about coming home (Lana, Quinn, Ruth, Rylon, Theron, Wynston)

119 Ruth wakes (Ruth, Theron, Wynston, Vette)

120 Wynston confronts Ruth about Quinn (Ruth, Wynston)

121 Ruth wants to apologize; Theron vanishes (Lana, Ruth)

122 Check in: Wynston answers Quinn's call, Wynston says hi to Calline, Quinn calls Rylon, Larr Gith and Tebbith request things of the Jedi Council (Larr Gith, Quinn, Ruth, Rylon, Tebbith, Wynston)

123 Ruth apologizes (Ruth, Theron)

124 Ruth shops for a dress (Lana, Ruth, Theron)

125 Theron asks Ruth a question on Coruscant (Ruth, Theron)

Storybook: Rylon visits Odessen (Calline, Lana, Larr Gith, Quinn, Rylon, Wynston)

Knights of the Waking Alliance

1. Begin Knights of the Waking Alliance (Ruth

2. Working on KotFE chapters 1-8 (Ruth , Lana, Darth Marr, T7-01, Lana) , G699

3. Working on KotFE chapters 1-8 (Ruth , Lana, Theron, Koth, Senyam SCORPIO) , G699

4. Theron tries to help Ruth; Ruth meets Odessen staff (Ruth , Lana, Theron) , G699

5. Ruth continues KotFE and goes to rescue someone (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Lana, Koth)

6. Wynston soothed to sleep; people meet each other (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Lana, Koth, Senya, SCORPIO)

7. Wynston and Ruth avoid Ziost and truth; Ruth and Senya talk children (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Koth, Lana, Senya)

8. Facing truth on Ziost (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Lana) , G699

9. Wynston tracks Quinn and buys into the Alliance (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Lana)

10. Theron asks Wynston about Ruth; Odessen is home (Wynston, Ruth , Theron)

11. Ruth goes looking on Dromund Kaas (Wynston, Ruth, Jora Mei , Theron, Lana, Senya)

12. Ruth escapes Darth Scythia. She and Theron react (Wynston, Ruth, Jora Mei , Theron, Lana)

13. Wynston and Lana weigh in on Theron/Ruth. End of Book 1. In Book 2: Meet the Firebrand. (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Lana, Kaliyo)

14. Rylon search; Ruth recruits; Wynston talks expectations; Ruth confesses to Theron (Ruth, Wynston , Theron, Lana, Senya, Pierce, Jorgan, Xalek)

15. Continuing KotFE chapter 12 (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Jorgan, Kaliyo) , G699

16. Theron requests transparency; the Spire mission returns; Gault and Vette arrive (Wynston, Ruth , Jorgan, Kaliyo, Quinn, Gault, Vette, Theron)

17. Lana and Wynston deal with a puzzle and encounter each other (Wynston , Lana) , G699

18. Wynston confides in Ruth; Theron hears from Vette; Ruth trains Xalek; Wynston meets a woman (Ruth, Wynston , Xalek, Theron)

19. Jorgan sets up a meeting for Ruth (Fade, Ruth, Jorgan, Dorne, Yuun, Tanno Vik, M1-4X)

20. M1-4X with Ruth (Ruth , M1-4X)

21. Ruth greets a Mandalorian; Lana pushes Wynston (Ruth, Wynston , Lana, Torian)

22. Music; evidence of Rylon's transit (Ruth, Wynston, Hoboru the Hutt , Theron, Senya, Quinn)

23. No leads; boys gossip (Wynston, Ruth , Theron, Torian, Jorgan)

23.25 Power in training ( , Xalek, Senya)

23.5. The alien factor (Wynston

24. The alliance boards a captured ship; SCORPIO does her thing. End of Book 2. (Wynston, Ruth , Lana)

25. Ruth goes to rescue Rylon with Quinn (Ruth, Rylon , Quinn)

26. Ruth and Quinn fly home with Rylon (Ruth, Rylon , Quinn)

27. Ruth returns to Odessen and meets the team (Ruth, Rylon, Wynston , Pierce, Quinn, Lana, Theron)

28. Wynston confides in Lana; Ruth flees Quinn's suite; Theron, then Wynston, meet Rylon (Ruth, Rylon, Wynston , Lana, Theron, Quinn)

29. Ruth declines to take the field; Theron confronts about Quinn; Wynston and Lana consult (Ruth, Rylon, Wynston , Quinn, Lana, Theron)

30. Ruth transfers Rylon custody; Darth Scythia is consulted (Ruth, Rylon, Jora Mei, Wynston , Quinn, Koth, Lana, Theron)

30.5. Ruth and M1-4X on a mission (Ruth , M1-4X)

31. Wynston gives Lana a gift; Calline interrupts an intervention (Calline, Ruth, Wynston , Lana, Theron, Torian)

32. Lana and Ruth talk to Calline; Wynston runs (Calline, Ruth, Wynston , Lana, Theron)

33. Wynston to rehab, with pursuit (Calline, Wynston

34. Drabbles 1 (Calline, Wynston, Fade, Jora Mei, Virinos Geth, Rylon , Quinn, Dorne, Talos, Khem Val)

35. Drabbles 2 (Larr Gith, Tebbith, Ruth , Lana, Nadia, Vette, Theron) , G699

36. Wynston admits a problem and the women feel it (Wynston, Ruth, Calline

37. Calline talks with Wynston; Theron and Lana redecorate; Ruth and Rylon doubt (Ruth, Rylon, Wynston, Calline , Quinn, Theron, Lana)

38. Wynston confesses to Calline (Ruth, Calline

39. Vette beats Ruth; a Sith comes for Rylon (Ruth, Rylon, Vartha Wolf , Quinn, Theron, Vette)

40. Quinn returns Rylon with an offer. Theron makes Rylon laugh. (Ruth, Rylon , Quinn, Theron)

41. Theron deals with Quinn and Lana with Wynston. End of Book 3. (Ruth, Wynston , Lana, Theron)

42. Book 4 begins. Ruth calls Quinn. Theron takes Ruth and Rylon to a play. (Ruth, Rylon , Theron, Quinn, Lana)

43. Tebbith asks for help (Wynston, Ruth, Tebbith , Lana, Theron)

44. The rescue of Larr Gith; Valkorion babbles (Wynston, Larr Gith, Ruth, Hoboru the Hutt, Tebbith , Theron, Lana, Koth)

45. Ruth commissions Calline (Wynston, Calline, T5-M7, Ruth , Jaesa)

46. Ruth Faces Virinos Geth (Wynston, Ruth, Virinos Geth, Vartha Wolf , Ashara, Theron, Quinn )

47. Ruth wakes up and sees Theron (Wynston, Ruth, Vartha Wolf, Rylon , Theron, Vette )

48. Rejecting Quinn (Wynston, Ruth, Rylon, Tebbith, Larr Gith , Lana, Quinn )

49. Reconciliations (Wynston, Calline, Ruth , Theron, Lana, Senya )

50. End of Book 4; Theron proposes (Ruth , Vette, Theron, Lana )

51.Start of Book 5; Alliance goes to Voss; Arcann escapes (Ruth, Wynston, Tebbith, Larr Gith , Senya, Theron, Lana )

52. Wynston checks on Yana-Ton (Wynston )

53. Twelve Hours (Tebbith, Rylon, Scythia, Wynston, Calline, Larr Gith, Ruth , Torian, Koth, Vette, Theron, Lana )

53.5. The bombing of Odessen (Larr Gith )

54. Evacuation: Pierce and Rylon, Wynston and Torian, Ruth (Rylon, Calline, T5-M7, Wynston, Ruth , Pierce, Lana, Torian, Theron )

55. Evacuation vignettes (Larr Gith, Calline, Ruth, Rylon, Wynston , Jorgan, Vette, Pierce, Theron , Acina)

56. Dispute over leadership on Ephel (Larr Gith, Wynston, Ruth, Tebbith , Koth, Lana, Theron )

57. Wynston reacts to showdown; Tebbith plans a library (Ruth, Wynston, Tebbith , Theron )

58. Seven Days to Empire 1-4 (Calline, Wynston, Ruth, Rylon , Torian, Pierce )

59. Seven Days to Empire 5-7 (Larr Gith, Tebbith, T5-M7, Ruth, Wynston , T7-01, Theron, Lana )

60. Levels (DK discussions) (Ruth, Wynston, Scythia , Theron, Lana, Khem Val , Acina)

61. The Fallen Shuttle (Ruth, Wynston , Theron , Acina)

62. Rylon seeks help; the fallen shuttle's still an issue (Rylon, Ruth, Wynston , Quinn, Pierce, Theron , Acina, Saresh)

63. Survival on Dromund Kaas; healing (Ruth, Tebbith, Wynston )

64. Saresh on Ephel (Ruth, Larr Gith )

65. Ruth and Rylon deal with Quinn after her reappearance (Ruth, Rylon , Quinn )

66. Nice things, dammit (Ruth , Theron )

67. Lana talks to employer, Tebbith does a library ritual (Ruth, Larr Gith, Tebbith, Rylon, Scythia , Lana )

Future: Wynston to the Prisoner (Wynston )

68. Wynston settles in; Tebbith meets the DS presence; Theron and Ruth talk (Ruth, Wynston, Tebbeth, Nemed , Theron )

69. Ruth faces off on the Gravestone and learns a weakness; Wynston discusses. (Ruth, Wynston , SCORPIO, Koth , Vaylin, Valkorion)

70. Alliance schemes to trash Vaylin. Ruth faces Vaylin on Zakuul. (Ruth, Scythia, Wynston, Calline , Theron, Lana, T7-01 , Arcann, Vaylin, Indo Zal)

71. Ruth describes Zakuul and realizes she has to do something; Scourge is consulted (Ruth, Wynston, Larr Gith, Tebbith , Theron, Lord Scourge, Lana )

72. Ruth says goodbye; Larr Gith encourages Tebbith; Wynston talks to Lana (Ruth, Wynston, Rylon, Larr Gith, Tebbith , Theron, Lana )

73. Theron intervenes with Wynston; Ruth travels; Rylon talks to T5-M7 (Ruth, Wynston, Rylon, T5-M7 , Theron )

74. Alliance scatters to search for answers (Rylon, Calline, T5-M7, Wynston, Tebbith, Larr Gith , Theron, Vette, Risha , Indo Zal)

75. The hunt continues; Ruth looks for solutions (Ruth, Tebbith, Larr Gith, Wynston , Pierce, Vette, Torian, Theron, Iresso, T7-01 , Darth Marr, Satele Shan)

76. Objects in motion. Korriban, contacting Ruth, departure for Nathema (Ruth, Scythia, Wynston, Calline, Larr Gith , Theron, Lana, Risha, Vette , Darth Ravage)

77. Nathema (Ruth, Wynston, Larr Gith, Tebbith, Scythia , T7-01, Theron, Lana , Valkorion, Vaylin)

78. Escape from Nathema (Larr Gith, Wynston, Tebbith, Ruth, Scythia , Theron, Lana , Vaylin)

79. Fight to the Throne (Larr Gith, Calline, Ruth, Wynston, Tebbith , Vette, Theron, Lana , Arcann, Valkorion, Senya, Vaylin)

80. The Emperor (Larr Gith, Calline, Ruth, Tebbith, Wynston , Vette, Theron, Lana , Arcann, Valkorion, Senya, Vaylin)

81. Epilogue: The Prisoner (Wynston )

Ruth AU Miscellaneous

Watcher Two dates Wynston (Wynston)

What if Wynston's family had never left Rentor? (Nyss, Wynston)

What if Wynston encountered his sister on Hutta? (Calline, Wynston)

What if Lord Draahg had succeeded in beating Ruth and her crew above Hoth?

What if Wynston had come to help Ruth early in Act 3? (Ruth, Wynston)

What if Earthmama's Mitka was Force-sensitive and knew Rylon Niral at Korriban Academy? (part 1, Earthmama) (Rylon Niral)

What if Earthmama's Mitka was Force-sensitive and knew Rylon Niral at Korriban Academy? (part 2, bright_ephemera) (Rylon Niral)

What if Wynston weren't conditioned? Wynston behaves nicely on Taris (Wynston)

What if Wynston weren't conditioned? Kicking back post-Taris (Wynston)

What if Wynston weren't conditioned? Wynston helps change Ruth's crew (Ruth, Wynston)

What if Ruth fully trusted Quinn at the end of RMC? (Ruth, Wynston)

Fenn'rys and Wynston do a job (Wynston, Fenn'rys)

Empowered AU

1 Wynston calls Ruth with a problem (Ruth, Wynston)

2 Wynston is not a Sith (Ruth, Wynston)

4 Wynston reports to Intelligence (Wynston)


Overcoming Adviercity

1: Leaving Home and Meeting an Accent (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk, Mama, Ridgeside Core , Jorgan, Dorne , General Garza)

2: Reassignment on Taris: Other Needles (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne , General Garza)

3: Questions on Nar Shaddaa; Remembering Snow Days (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk, Lorne , Jorgan, Dorne, M1-4X , Jonas Balkar)

4: Signed, Sealed, and…Score! (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk , Jorgan, Dorne )

5: The Droid Delinquent (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne, M1-4X , Jonas Balkar)

6: Brothers (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk, Mama , Jorgan, Dorne , Aleksei Dorne)

7: Enter the Droid (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne, M1-4X )

8: The Sergeant and the Farmboy (crossposted here) (Vierce, Mama , Jorgan , Ava Jaxo)

9: Chasing Wraiths and Helping on Tatooine (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne, M1-4X , Harron Tavus)

10: Check in with Personnel; check in with personnel (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne, M1-4X , Fuse, Captain Kalor)

11: Fuse Overloaded (crossposted here) (Vierce, Ridgeside core , Jorgan, Dorne , Fuse)

12: Havoc finishes Tatooine and Vierce deals with the prisoner (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne , Fuse)

13: Interlude: Alternate Perspectives 1 (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk , Jorgan, Dorne )

14: Paladins and Prodigals (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, Dorne , Duke Organa)

15: Thul Me Once, Shame on You (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, M1-4X, Dorne , Markus Thul, Altana Thul, Valyn Thul, Captain Cormac)

16: Stars (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne )

17: Gearbox and a Good Night's Sleep (crossposted here) (Vierce , Jorgan, M1-4X, Dorne , Gearbox)

18: We Are Havoc Now (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Jorgan, M1-4X, Dorne , Harron Tavus)

19. Downtime with Old Friends (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins, Ridgeside core , Jorgan , Jonas Balkar)

20. Drinks with Jaxo; Dinner at Home (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins, Kirsk, Mama )

21. (Back In) the Saddle (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins, Kirsk, Illyris , Dorne, Jorgan, M1-4X )

22. The Gun Runners (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins, Kirsk , Tanno Vik )

23. The Moff, part 1 (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne, Jorgan , General Garza)

24. The Moff, part 2 (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne, Jorgan )

25: So This Is Awkward (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins, Kirsk, Mama , Dorne, Jorgan, M1-4X, Tanno Vik )

26: Forgetting to Breathe (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne, Jorgan, Tanno Vik )

27: A Hell of a Woman (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne , Ava Jaxo, Captain Kalor)

28: Deep Freeze (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne )

29: Blood and Snow (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne, Jorgan )

30: Kiss (crossposted here) (Vierce Savins , Dorne )

30.5: Dancing at a wedding (Vierce, Kirsk , Dorne )

31: The Gauntlet (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan, M1-4X, Tanno Vik )

32: Vigil at Coruscant General (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan, Tanno Vik )

33: Waking in Kolto (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk, Mama , Dorne, Jorgan )

34: Help (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne )

35: Scraps Here and There (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan , Ava Jaxo, General Garza)

36: Building in the Snow (working title Alderaanian Snuggles) (crossposted here) (Vierce, Dep , Dorne, Jorgan, Tanno Vik )

37: Things Discovered (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk , Dorne, Jorgan, Tanno Vik , Special Agent Zane)

38: Interlude: A Brother's Concern (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne , Aleksei Dorne)

39: Uncomfortable Pasts (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne , General Garza)

40: Hail (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan, Yuun )

41: Rescues (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan, Vik, Yuun, M1-4X )

42: Justice and Necessity (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne , General Garza, Ava Jaxo)

43: Processing (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan, Yuun, Vik )

44: High Stakes Diplomacy (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne, Jorgan, Yuun, Vik, M1-4X , Lord Torius)

45: Affirmations (Vierce , Dorne )

46: Personnel Hearings (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne )

47. The Bastion (crossposted here) (Vierce , Dorne , General Garza, General Rakton)

48. Delivery (crossposted here) (Vierce )

49. Decorations (crossposted here) (Vierce, Kirsk , Jorgan, Dorne, M1-4X, Tanno Vik, Yuun )

50. Back to the Beginning (crossposted here) (Vierce, Mama, Glend , Dorne )

Old Canon

Vierce angst (Vierce)

Universe intro (Kirsk, Vierce)

Don't forget those who died for you (Vierce)

Vierce is made to apologize (Mama Savins, Vierce)

Teachers and Heroes, Rizz offers to teach Vierce useful resistance stuff (Mama Savins, Rizz, Vierce)

Vices and Virtues: an overview of Vierce's teenage years (Ridgeside core, Kirsk, Vierce)

Planning a Prank, 3 ATC (Ridgeside core, Vierce)

Under Arrest, 4 ATC (Vierce)

5 ATC, Illyris and Vierce go to a party; nerf costume is involved (crossposted here) (Illyris, Kirsk, Vierce)

Bad Memories, Vierce recalls the day his face was scarred (crossposted here) (Mama Savins, Vierce)

Kegled II is liberated (crossposted here) (Ridgeside core, Vierce)

Culture shock: The liberators' party (Republic) (Ridgeside core, Vierce) (repost)

Kirsk gets a pseudonym (crossposted here) (Kirsk, Vierce)

The Morning After: Vierce bails Kirsk out (Kirsk, Vierce)

Vierce wins at bumper ball (crossposted here) (Kirsk, Vierce)

Firsts: Vierce meets Elara Dorne (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Worst Day Ever: Dorne comes on board (crossposted here) (Kirsk, Vierce)

(Un)Invited Guests: Dorne doesn't quite settle in (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Jorgan and the Deadeyes (Vierce)

Like No One's Watching: Jorgan has a talent (Vierce)

Vierce gets briefed on M1-4X (Vierce)

Cheesecake (Vierce)

Vierce signs paperwork (Vierce)

Meet M1-4X (Vierce)

Kirsk, Vierce, and Jorgan watch a Huttball game (crossposted here) (Kirsk, Vierce)

Vierce and Jorgan pursue Captain Andrik (Vierce)

Facing Andrik and M1-4X (Vierce)

Changes: Vierce and Dorne meet Ako Domi (crossposted here, with edits) (Vierce)

Vierce and Kirsk help Dorne out with her brother (crossposted here) (Kirsk, Vierce)

Alternate Perspectives: Vierce and Kirsk help Dorne out with her brother (Kirsk, Vierce)

M1-4X is recruited (Vierce)

Jorgan nags Vierce about Dorne (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Vierce meets Ava Jaxo socially (Vierce)

Tavus taunts (Vierce)

Fame: Vierce helps out on Tatooine (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Personnel Division checks in with Dorne (Vierce)

Bad Timing, Vierce preps for combat and M1-4X interrupts (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Bad Memories, Vierce recalls the day his face was scarred (crossposted here) (Mama Savins, Vierce)

Bad Memories, Vierce talks to Fuse (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Loneliness, Fuse continues cooperating (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Bad Timing part 1, Vierce chats with Dorne (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Bad Timing part 2, Vierce is awkward about chatting with Dorne (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Loneliness, Vierce cleans up Tatooine, Fuse Overloaded (crossposted here) (Vierce)

Vierce calls home after Tatooine (Mama Savins, Vierce)

What's in a Name? Vierce is recruited on Alderaan for House Organa, v1 (Vierce)

What's in a Name? Vierce is recruited on Alderaan for House Organa, v2 (shorter) (Vierce)

Captain Cormac and Markus Thul (Vierce)

Thul's wife and daughter (Vierce)

Vierce escorts Thul's family (Vierce)

Pallos Organa makes demands (Vierce)

Dreams: Havoc Squad talks about the future (Vierce)

Allies: Vierce sees the old gang (Ridgeside core, Vierce)

Vierce comes home to Kegled II after Act 1 ends (Kirsk, Mama Savins, Vierce)

Loyalty and Betrayal: The squad assembles after R&R (Vierce)

What if Cipher Nine framed Dorne for treason? (Cipher Nine, Vierce) (start of Cross Faction AU)

Worlds Colliding, Vierce learns about Dorne's previous commander (Vierce)

Enemies: Dorne and Vierce have it out (Vierce)

Mea Culpa: Vierce apologizes (Vierce)

Communication Breakdown: Vierce apologizes some more (Vierce)

I Love This Bar: Vierce sees Dorne in a cantina (Vierce)

Discoveries: Vierce realizes Dorne is attractive (Vierce)

Alternate Perspectives: Dorne's view on Vierce

Health: Vierce requires medical attention on Quesh (Vierce)

Law and Governance: Vierce and Dorne recall voting (Vierce)

Tauntaun Roundup (Vierce)

Communication Breakdown: Vierce avoids Dorne (Vierce)

Health: Things go wrong on Hoth for Vierce and Dorne (Vierce)

Law and Governance: First kiss (Vierce)

Best Day Ever, noncanon first kiss (Vierce)

Health: Vierce is injured (Vierce)

Health and Confessions: Vierce gets back out of kolto (Mama Savins, Vierce)

Grooming: Jorgan ribs Vierce over shaving (Vierce)

Weather, Vierce and Dorne on Belsavis (Vierce)

Brotherhood, Status Report: Kirsk catches up with Vierce re: Elara (Kirsk, Vierce)

Life and Death, Vierce at the A-77 facility with Sergeant Jaxo (Vierce)

Fashion, Vierce gives Dorne a necklace (Vierce)

Best Day Ever, Vierce declares love (Vierce)

As Time Goes By: the morning after (Vierce)

Allies: Vierce decides on counseling re: PTSD (Vierce)

Grooming: Vierce admires Elara's hair (Vierce)

Family: Vierce takes Elara home to meet Mama (Glend, Mama Savins, Vierce)

If I Were a Rich Man: Vierce thinks about wedding funding (Vierce)

Play within a Play: Kirsk taunts Vierce about Elara and bedtime stories (Kirsk, Vierce)

Interrogated (Vierce)

Rites of Passage: Vierce proposes to Elara Dorne (Vierce)

Heirlooms: Mama Savins offers Elara her heirloom jewelry (Mama Savins)

Vierce and Elara go sledding (Vierce)

Vierce cuts makeouts short (Vierce)

Vierce confesses to Kirsk about Elara (Kirsk, Vierce)

Attraction (Vierce)

Cross Faction AU

~Vierce Cross Faction: What If Cipher Nine framed Elara Dorne for treason? (Cipher Nine, Vierce)

~Law and Governance (Vierce)

~Loyalty and Betrayal

~Communication Breakdown (Cipher Nine)

~Behind the Scenes (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Discoveries and Home Ec (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Dreams and Nightmares (Vierce)

~Do the Math: Does Not Compute (Vierce)

~Brotherhood, Dreams and Nightmares II (Vierce)

~Goals and Ambitions (Cipher Nine)

~Failure, Goals and Ambitions, Enemies (Vierce)

~Brotherhood (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Life and Death (Kirsk, Vierce)

~What's in a Name (Vierce)

~Dreams and Nightmares (Vierce)

~Brotherhood (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Allies, Enemies, Turning Point (Vierce)

~Enemies/Communication Breakdown (Cipher Nine, Vierce)

~Do the Math, Goals and Ambitions (Vierce)

~Allies, Enemies, Communication Breakdown (Cipher Nine, Vierce)

~Goals and Ambitions (Vierce)

~Communication Breakdown (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Allies and Enemies (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Catching Up (Vierce)

~Legacy (Cipher Nine)

~Catching Up (Cipher Nine, Vierce)

~Legacy and Tools of the Trade (Kirsk, Vierce)

~Enemies, Dreams and NIghtmares, First Day on the Job, What If? (Kirsk, Vierce)

Vivan Teph

Tharan helps Vivan out with a rough day (Vivan)

Vivan hunts with Zenith (Vivan)

Vivan meets Nadia (Vivan)

Nadia and Vivan talk about Force vision late at night (Vivan)


Universe intro


Nalenne appears throughout NDOW.

Before NDOW

In which Nalenne and Niselle exchange very good days (crossposted here) (Nalenne, Niselle)

In which Nalenne names her vehicle and Vette criticizes

In which Quinn starts to realize what he's gotten himself into (crossposted here)

In which Nalenne faces an upsetting HR issue

In which Nalenne gives Quinn an assignment

In which Nalenne has aspirations that almost certainly won't work out (crossposted here)

In which Nalenne gets a tauntaun

In which Nalenne comes to a decision regarding Broonmark (crossposted here)

In which Nalenne erases Niselle's monument (crossposted here) (Nalenne, Niselle)

In which Niselle gives the Dark Council compromising information (crossposted here) (Nalenne, Niselle)

In which Quinn is totally about to die (Nalenne)

In which Nalenne ruins a Jedi's day: "Stop hitting yourself" (Nalenne)

In which Nalenne breaks the bad news of Quinn's death (Nalenne)

In which Nalenne processes consequences and is not happy (Nalenne)

During NDOW

~1. In which Vette skips town and Nalenne reads comic books

~2. In which Quinn shows up

~3. In which Pierce freaks out and Quinn criticizes

~4. In which Nalenne improves herself and Broonmark helps

~5. In which Nalenne seeks her sister's advice and Quinn gets worried (Nalenne, Niselle)

~6. In which the men of the house consult with Nalenne

~7. In which ghost experts pay a visit (I/II) (Nalenne, Niselle)

~8. In which betrayal surprises no one, but something else surprises several (II/II) (Nalenne, Niselle)

~9. In which Vette and Jaesa get home

~10. In which Jaesa gets a word in edgewise

10.5. In which Vette questions Ghost-Quinn

~11. In which Nalenne tests Quinn's limits

~12. In which Vette and the crew check the couch cushions

~13. In which the crew discusses life after death and also pop music (I/II)

~14. In which Jaesa observes the crew (II/II)

~15. In which Nalenne reads comics and Jaesa expresses concern

~16. In which we remember why it didn't work out and a fight starts

~17. In which Pierce observes Tatooine and Vette disapproves (I/IV)

~18. In which the crew explores Tatooine and rakghouls (II/IV)

~19. In which the rakghoul mystery is largely ignored (III/IV)

~20. In which each contributes according to his or her talents (IV/IV)

20.5. In which Nalenne saves the world (crossposted here)

~21. In which Quinn customizes 2V-R8

~22. In which Nalenne gets a job update and Quinn comments

~23. In which Broonmark marks the occasion and Vette wonders why

~24. In which Jaesa's reading habits come to light

~25. In which a widow and her husband reminisce

~26. In which Nalenne asks Pierce a long-suppressed question (crossposted here)

~27. In which Nalenne meets someone and some disapprove (I/II)

~28. In which the Hand shows its hand (II/II)

~29. In which Nalenne reports to her sister (Nalenne, Niselle)

~30. In which Quinn steps slightly out of character to get jealous

~31. In which the Wrath arrives on Ord Mantell (I/III) (Nalenne, Rho)

~32. In which Nalenne mixes it up with a Knight (II/III) (Nalenne, Rho)

~33. In which Nalenne leaves Comic-Con Ord Mantell (III/III) (Nalenne, Rho)

~34. In which Vette and Pierce take Nalenne to Korriban (I/IV)

~35. In which a question is asked and answered for Quinn and Nalenne (II/IV)

~36. In which Nalenne examines her vows (III/IV)

~37. In which the crew weeks Voss answers (IV/IV)

~38. In which Nalenne encounters a Gree representative

~39. In which Jaesa bothers Nalenne about Quinn

~40. In which Nalenne witnesses a Republic operation

~41. In which Nalenne and Quinn have a serious talk

~42. In which Nalenne catches Quinn conspiring

42.5. In which the author owes Monty Python an apology

~43. In which Jaesa's extracurriculars draw scrutiny

~44. In which Nalenne kills time (and wampas) on Hoth

~45. In which Quinn cleans house

~46. In which Nalenne practices

~47. In which Nalenne and Quinn review the paperwork

~48. In which Nalenne finds a smuggler (I/II)

~49. In which Nalenne argues the job with a smuggler (II/II)

~50. In which Vette speaks her mind to Quinn

~51. In which Broonmark cheers Nalenne up

~52. In which Quinn first extends an olive branch

~53. In which we see the average day in the life of the Wrath

~54. In which we reaffirm heroic opinions

54.5. What if Nalenne just got with Pierce? (crossposted here)

~55. In which a distraction tactic is considered

~56. In which Vette badgers Nalenne to try something new (I/II)

~57. In which Nalenne talks to herself (II/II)

~58. In which Nalenne calls someone

~59. In which Jaesa and Vette talk it over with Nalenne

~60. In which Nalenne follows Jaesa into trouble

~61. In which Nalenne corresponds with Lord Grathan and complains about love

~62. In which the crew drinks, drinks, and makes merry

~63. In which Nalenne and Pierce test Broonmark’s work while Quinn disapproves

~64. In which Pierce cleans up after Servant Nine

~65. In which Nalenne and Jaesa analyze a military attitude

~66. In which Nalenne subcontracts to Imperial Intelligence (I/II) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

~67. In which Nalenne and Dahlia chat (II/II) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

~68. In which Nalenne checks her romantic status

~69. In which Nalenne has a full life and avoids Vette’s latest idea

~70. In which Pierce pays his debts

~71. In which Nalenne questions Quinn’s behavior

~72. In which Nalenne finds a change vis-à-vis Servant Nine

~73. In which Quinn extends a second olive branch

~74. In which Quinn compromises his principles

74.5. In which Nalenne makes a confession re: acquisitions (crossposted here)

~75. In which Nalenne gets a hand from Cipher Nine (I/III) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

~76. In which Nalenne and Quinn consult with the Voss (II/III)

~77. In which Nalenne and Quinn look at a rock (III/III)

~78. In which Nalenne wallows in self-pity

~79. In which Nalenne lays out Plan B

~80. In which Nalenne faces the Imperial government

~81. In which Vette points out a flaw in the plan

~82. In which Nalenne takes a day off with Vette and Jaesa

~83. In which Nalenne has and holds while Broonmark questions

~84. Side commentary: In which Nalenne considers two non-superheroes

~85. In which Nalenne gets an unexpected tip

~86. In which we beseech the powers that be for class rebalancing

~87. In which we learn the price of disobedience

~88. In which Quinn and Nalenne don’t start

~89. In which Niselle and Nalenne talk some more (Nalenne, Niselle)

~90. In which the crew considers their options

~91. In which Nalenne, Pierce, and Broonmark raise hell

~92. In which Quinn lets the cat out of the bag

~93. In which Niselle makes Nalenne an offer she can’t refuse (I/VII) (Nalenne, Niselle)

~94. In which Nalenne locates Niselle (II/VII) (Nalenne, Niselle, Rho)

~95. In which Nalenne confronts the Jedi Knight (III/VII) (Nalenne, Niselle, Rho)

~96. In which Quinn makes demands (IV/VII) (Nalenne, Niselle, Rho)

~97. In which two couples discuss (V/VII) (Nalenne, Niselle)

~98. In which Nalenne and Quinn go to Belsavis (VI/VII)

~99. In which Nalenne and Quinn verify things (VII/VII)

~100. Epilogue: In which things are no longer normal

After NDOW: Chronicles

1: In which Nalenne defends Quinn's job

1.5: In which Niselle executes a plan man was not meant to plan (Nalenne, Niselle)

2: In which Quinn reestablishes the corporeal dynamic

3: In which Pierce and Broonmark get ideas

4: In which Andronikos and Nalenne seek to relieve boredom

4.5: In which the sisters encounter each other at a bar (crossposted here) (Nalenne, Niselle)

5: In which Nalenne and Quinn strategize

6: In which Niselle throws some stuff away (Nalenne, Niselle)

7: In which Quinn voices an opinion on Andronikos

8: In which Nalenne gets dirty on Alderaan (Dahlia, Nalenne)

9: In which the Wrath dines with the Cipher (I/IV) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

10: In which the dinner guests chat (II/IV) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

11: In which the dinner situation unfolds (III/IV) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

12: In which some are satisfied by the meal (IV/IV) (Dahlia, Nalenne)

12.5: In which Niselle contributes to cultural knowledge (crossposted here) (Niselle)

13: In which Niselle’s apprentice visits Nalenne (I/II)

14: In which win conditions are met (II/II)

15: In which two veterans catch up

16: In which Quinn is nice, for Quinn

17: In which an old friend makes trouble for the team (I/II) (Nalenne, Niselle)

18: In which the Wrath deliberates killing an old friend (II/II) (Nalenne, Niselle)

19: In which the Hand calls

20: In which Nalenne learns something surprising

21: In which Nalenne and Andronikos discuss life

22: In which Quinn struggles to get results

23: In which Pierce confers with Andronikos

24: In which Nalenne looks to the Jedi

25: In which the author is reminded in no uncertain terms that she hasn't updated in forever

26: In which the system seeks a new equilibrium

27: In which Nalenne does a favor and Quinn does his job

28: In which the Hand loses its grip

29: In which Quinn adds a legend to a legend

30: In which Nalenne's crew makes their priorities clear

31: In which Quinn recruits a Sith

32: In which Nalenne is uncharacteristically helpful to strangers (crossposted here)

33: In which Insanity Company gains two more officers

34: In which Jaesa makes a plea

35: In which Nalenne taunts Niselle some more (Nalenne, Niselle)

36: In which Insanity Company gets worrisome news

37: In which Quinn misses something

38: In which Nalenne meets a once and future ensign

39: In which Quinn finds a direction

40: In which Jaesa develops as a person

41: In which the party gets started in earnest (Rho)

42: In which Sergeant Rusk considers a change of paths

43: In which Nalenne's domestic situation changes again

44: In which the Master extends an offer

45: In which Quinn notes where he was and where he's going

46: In which Niselle is really mean, again (Nalenne, Niselle)

47: In which Quinn makes a request

48: In which Nalenne learns a terrible secret

49: In which Quinn is offered a promotion

50: In which concessions are made before the Dark Council

51: In which, though this be Method, yet there is madness in it

51.5: In which Nalenne gets her way and also chocolates (crossposted here)

52: In which we see an operation

52.5: In which Nalenne enjoys the new domestic arrangement (crossposted here)

53: In which a faster search method is decided upon

54: In which Kira wants to believe

55: In which the Emperor's Hand checks in

56.5: In which Insanity Company discusses their weapons of choice (crossposted here)

56: In which Love, Legends, and History are discussed

57: In which desert planets continue to be terrible places (I/II) (Nalenne, Rho)

58: In which peace is everybody's least favorite thing (II/II) (Nalenne, Rho)

59: In which Quinn makes note of the chain of command

59.5: In which Nalenne briefly appears to be low-maintenance

60: In which Nalenne picks up the trail

61: In which Nalenne finds a direction or two (Nalenne, Rho)

62: In which Nalenne lands on Balmorra (Nalenne, Rho)

63: In which Nalenne prepares to storm the castl...bunker (Nalenne, Rho)

64: In which Nalenne and Rho confront the liar (Nalenne, Rho)

65: In which matters are resolved (Nalenne, Rho)

After After NDOW

In which Nalenne and Niselle contract Ewok mercenaries (Nalenne, Niselle)

In which Nalenne is completely safe (Nalenne)

In which Nalenne gets an order from Broonmark for her birthday (Nalenne)

In which Nalenne assures Broonmark of her affection (Nalenne)

Way After NDOW: Vol. 3

Nalenne, Niselle, and Rho appear throughout Volume 3.

3-1. In which we see a slice of Nalenne's downtime

3-2. In which Nalenne is made privy to a plan

3-3. In which Nalenne and Niselle land on Tython

3-4. In which Nalenne and Niselle make battle plans on the fly

3-5. In which certain questions are raised

3-6. In which Niselle has suspicions

3-7. In which the ride to Korriban is too long

3-8. In which reinforcements arrive

3-9. In which sisters fight on Korriban, again

3-10. In which the Council Chambers are explored

3-11. In which Darth Arkous is satisfied

3-12. In which Lana Beniko voices concerns

3-13 In which Darth Marr is consulted

3-14. In which Nalenne's crew has a concern

3-15. In which Nalenne has holovid opinions

3-16. In which Nalenne gets a message from the higher-ups

3-17. In which Niselle receives correspondence

3-18. In which Nalenne gets more secretive correspondence

3-19. In which preventive measures are taken

3-20. In which taglines are mulled over

3-21. In which technology is discovered

3-22. In which conspirators are confronted

3-23. In which the way out is contested

3-24. In which our group gets along just swimmingly

3-25. In which questions are answered and raised

3-26. In which sisters engage in girl talk

3-27. In which Sith correspondence continues

Jaesa and Darth Nox ficlet

3-28. In which other parties voice concerns

3-29. A Poetic Interlude

3-30. A second poetic interlude

3-31. In which nothing much is accomplished

3-32. In which Lana gives the next bit of bad news

3-33. In which the party is selected

3-34. In which we reach the bosses

3-35. In which we get to the title screen

3-36. In which contraband gets the hell out

3-37. In which the party splits

3-38. In which the afterglow is put out

3-39. In which Nalenne and Quinn collect

3-40. In which landfall on a new world happens

3-41. In which a reunion occurs

3-42. In which Nalenne and Rho seek a plot device

3-43. In which Nalenne and Rho check holo records

3-44. In which Nalenne and Rho prepare for the unknown

3-45. In which awkward adjustments are made

3-46. In which a figure is unmasked

3-47. In which a principled person has principles

3-48. In which the plan is torched

3-49. In which our heroes idle over heroes

3-50 In which Nalenne hears from an old sorta kinda friend

3-51. Look, sir, droids

3-52. In which Rho’s pastime causes consternation

3-53. In which Rho makes no confessions

3-54. In which Quinn and Kira are not amused

3-55. In which everything is better afloat

3-56. In which the crew has a good time afloat

3-57. In which Torch’s challenge begins

3-58. In which Torch’s challenge begins

3-59. In which unexpected obstacles occur

3-60. In which circumstances conspire in a bad way

3-61. In which Rho and Nalenne have a deep conversation

3-62. In which the party finds a bounty hunter (Tannu Ma)

Rho betrays

NDOW Semi-serious splinters


Talos sympathizes with Niselle (Niselle)


New paths: Nic strikes out on her own (Nic)

First kiss (Nic)

Nic's blaster hobby (Nic)

Nic hates Tatooine and sand (Nic)

Morning after with Corso (Nic)

Fun fling (Nic)

Turning away from Corso (Nic)

Nic explains the facts of life to Guss (Nic)

Mixing it Up with Crezelle (hands) (Nic)


Affection with Kira and with Doc


Kickoff: Niselle sells Nalenne (crossposted here) (Nalenne, Niselle)

Lord Zash makes Nalenne try Force Lightning (Nalenne)

Nalenne deals with Harkun's naming scheme; Niselle meets Vette and is unimpressed (Nalenne, Niselle)

Nalenne meets Khem Val, Niselle meets Darth Baras, and the sisters leave Korriban (Nalenne, Niselle)

Nalenne tries to share news of Kallig (Nalenne, Niselle)

Niselle meets Quinn (Niselle)

Niselle meets Quinn, updated (Niselle)

Nalenne meets Quinn, updated (Nalenne, Niselle)

Nalenne investigates colicoids with Khem Val (Nalenne)

Nalenne leaves Niselle some colicoids (Nalenne, Niselle)

Spoiler Warning!verse


Sevasht appears throughout.

~Korriban and Dromund Kaas

~Dromund Kaas and Balmorra

~Balmorra and Nar Shaddaa



~Act 1 cap leadup

~Act 1 cap

~Vette’s quest and Taris



~Act 2 cap

~Act 3 kickoff


~Hoth 2.0


~the Incident


~more Corellia

~even more Corellia



Grooming: Sev is set on fire

~The Morning After: Sev's wedding

Aggerton, parallel to Sevasht

Aggerton appears throughout.


Hutta 1

Hutta 2



Game Timeline

Turning Points: Vette is freed (Mellekor)

Behind the Scenes: Mellekor disciplines Jaesa (Mellekor)

Teachers and Heroes: Ananz taunts Lord Zash (Ananz)

Alternate Perspectives: Vette leaves (Mellekor)

Planning with the crew minus Vette (Mellekor)

Loyalty and Betrayal: Mellekor calls Vette back (Mellekor)

Catching Up: Mellekor rendezvouses with Vette (Mellekor)

Hide and Seek, the Weak Point: Mellekor seems to select Jaesa over Vette (Mellekor)

Grooming: Vette finds out about Mellekor and Jaesa (Mellekor)

Transport: Vette leaves Mellekor (Mellekor)


Disguises: Community Service for Ananz (Ananz)

Disguises: Vette learns Ananz's identity (Ananz)

Membership: Ananz dines with the gang (Ananz)

Ananz and Vette stay up talking (Ananz)

Discovery: Andronikos teases Ananz (Ananz)

Droids: Vette meets 9-Q3K (Ananz)

Defenses: Mellekor confronts Ananz (Ananz, Mellekor)

Ananz gives Vette a gift; Ananz and Mellekor have separate meetings (Ananz, Mellekor)

Ananz and Vette's first kiss (Ananz)

Wishes: Ananz expresses job frustration to Vette (Ananz)

Ananz and Mellekor rendezvous on Ilum (Ananz, Mellekor)

Darth Malgus shows his treachery (Ananz, Mellekor)

Ananz prepares to assist Malgus (Ananz)

Mellekor and Ananz face off on Ilum (Ananz, Mellekor)

FCD (Forced Companions Daycare)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1. Intro Imp/Pub fight Baby Doc Risha Bosses
Imp and Pub merits Play Outdoors Baby Jaesa, Trouble SCORPIO Hide and Seek
Reading 10. Grilled Cheese for lunch Baby Rusk Nap Time Risha’s Credits Club
Show and Tell 1 Doc Negotiates, Akaavi Stares Ration Snacks Ashara’s Order Guest Soa
Khem taunts Jaesa 20. Cops and Robbers SCORPIO’s food experiment Humans and Aliens SCORPIO’s zap experiment
Risha steals a multitool The alphabet game Baby Doc picks a career Keeper recruits Daycare on fire
New clubhouse 30. Painting day Punch Broonmark Day Baby Kira’s Jedi Code Snow Day 1
Museum field trip Deathmatch bets Class psychologist Inspection day Vik the arms dealer 1
Killiks are real 40. General Garza SCORPIO bodysnatches T7-01 The Dread Masters Risha’s birthday
Saresh and Lokin Darth Baras Karagga the class pet
Three-legged race Instance reset Chevin 50. Voss visitor Skadge and stock lines
Overseer Harkun Dodgeball Chemistry show and tell Revan A sick bug
Baby Qyzen Fess Kaliyo gets Corso drunk Satele Shan
60. Qyzen Fess tag rules Dread Masters and Jadus Halloween
Zenith Territorial boundaries Karagga fight
Darth Malgus Doc and Zenith
Maintenance Day 70. Customizations Day
Ice skating Jaesa wavers Snow day 2
Meet Tharan Cedrax Zenith and M1-4X vs. Pierce Tharan and Doc compete
Thana Vesh Dealing in explosives Holiday meets HK-51 80. Qyzen Fess and Bowdaar Zenith and Vector tempt Jaesa
Sick Jorgan
Coruscant 1 Coruscant 2 Free Draw SCORPIO Meets Holiday 87. Class pictures
Torian's arrival; Mando'a
Elara's bullying form 90. Rusk's squad vs. Broonmark Bugboy(s)

Day 1 Introduction

Day 2 Pierce and Yuun are picked; HK-51 meets HK-55

Day 3 Theron gets a badge; Tanno Vik "dies"

Day 4 Lord Scourge is missing; meet Karagga the Unyielding; Torian and Akaavi attempt to enter

Day 5 Kaliyo attempts entry; Theron and SCORPIO hear the effort

Day 6 Xalek tries to go inside; Lana gets a badge

Day 7 Darth Marr and the Emperor

Day 8 The Emperor emerges; Talos enters; Mako arrives; Skadge is Skadge

Day 9 Blizz arrives; Lokin visits; weaponry flows

Day 10 SCORPIO considers her career; Rusk squares off vs. Temple

Day 11 Princes and Princess Arcann, Thexan, and Vaylin

Day 12 Zenith fires on Quinn; Lana and Theron inventory droids; Nadia and Iresso arrive

Day 13 Satele Shan visits; a companion returns

Day 14 Jorgan and Elara compete for CO spot; the indoor children build a tower and learn about HK-51

Day 15 Mako and Theron use their implants; Jaesa contemplates the Dark Side

Day 16 Pierce takes votes for the Empire

Day 17 Blizz has a plan; so does Doc

Day 18 Risha makes a demand of Khem Val; the indoor children are concerned

Day 19 Thanksgiving

Day 20 Kaliyo

Day 21 Jorgan consequences


Auresse dismisses Quinn

Ruth meets DS Jaesa

Short Fic stats, 500 stories

Short Fic stats, 1000 stories

Short Fic stats, 1500 stories

Short Fic stats, 2000 stories

Short Fic stats, 2300 stories