Colran Niral

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"They are my guardsmen and my friends. They’re what Ruth and I have that you don’t."

Character Info
Colran Niral.png
Name Colran Niral
Author(s) bright_ephemera
Universe(s) Ruth Means Compassion,

Lodestone AU

Game class(es) n/a
Species Human
Home Planet Dromund Kaas
Age at Game Start 46
Affiliation(s) the Empire

the Sith, the Jedi

Colran Niral is the son of Lord Ehran Niral, the husband of Dolarra Reyne-Niral and the father of Ruth Niral. He is a native of Dromund Kaas.

Colran was the youngest of four brothers, descendants of a long line of Sith on Dromund Kaas. He was an intellectual seeker, a Sith who wasn't satisfied with the system. Some would call him a dilettante incapable of mastering anything. He fled Imperial space to seek Jedi teachings when he was fifteen and was taken as padawan by Master Zauvien. He studied the Jedi way but was not entirely satisfied; the Jedi and the Republic had weaknesses and failures he couldn't account for. Why didn't they permanently crush threats? Why did they so rarely plan for betrayal? Why didn't they have the unified authority that made the Empire, however harshly, run?

They were questions he could keep suppressed until a chance encounter with a woman named Dolarra Reyne.

They met when he was 23 and she was 28. She was a Cipher agent passing through on other business; when he accidentally discovered what she was, the process of talking her way out revealed him to be a target of opportunity, a wavering guy who might easily be converted back to the Sith. A sane Sith, even. She gave him one short sharp hit in the ideology and left, but they contacted each other again after he returned to his original home on Dromund Kaas. They commenced regular correspondence during her travels. Several years after that they married: the Sith working quietly for life and stability on Dromund Kaas and the Force-blind Agent serving the Empire's interests in the galaxy at large, coming home when she got the chance to be with her life's greatest supporter. And, in time, with their daughter.

Dolarra was killed in the line of duty when Ruth was four years old; her body was never recovered. Colran never remarried. He continued his low-profile work on Dromund Kaas. His skills were in healing and in thinking, neither particularly well-respected or high-demand, but he made a difference where he was. He kept Ruth with him until she turned eighteen, at which point he could no longer delay sending her to Korriban Academy. He directed her to an old acquaintance, Overseer Tremel, who was looking for a pocket ace for his own power play. Tremel was to give her the political grounding that Colran knew he was too out of touch to offer.

After that, he stayed at home, followed his daughter's career without imposing the danger of active interference, and worked.

He was never a very prominent Sith nor a very powerful one, but he took measures of his own when Baras turned against Ruth. It was he who hunted down the reconstructed cyborg Lord Draahg while Ruth was finishing Voss and turning her eyes toward Corellia. Draahg won that fight. Colran fell. Ruth went into the battlefields of Corellia missing not one, but both of the men she loved most.


Author: bright_ephemera

Universe: Ruth!verse

Old profile: Colran